Latinas in the Armed Forces, A Stronger Military for the Nation

Latinas are taking more active roles in the military, serving on the front or in a civilian manner. Whether they are in combat or managing in-house programs, they are giving their all to the nation. Meet 13 Latinas who make the military stronger and diverse.

By Gloria Romano-Barrera

Dynamic Dr. Betty Uribe: How the Pandemic Helped her Pivot to Make Transformative Impact

Dr. Betty Uribe arrived in the United States as a child from Colombia with nothing to her family’s name. Today, she is an international brand name and oversees JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s entire California retail bank network. She credits her success to hard work, strong values and integrity, coupled with the ability to pivot and a strong dose of passion. Through all of life’s joys and accomplishments, she remains humble and prefers to be called simply “Betty” by her colleagues.

By Christine Bolaños

Trailblazer Award Recipient: Rear Admiral Yvette M. Davids, USN

Rear Admiral Yvette M. Davids is the Chief of Staff, U.S. Southern Command. A native of San Antonio, Texas, Read Adm. is a surface warfare officer and a 1989 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Oceanography. She is also a 2002 graduate of the Naval War College with a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies and a 2012 graduate of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces with a Master of Science in National Resource Strategy.

By Gloria Romano-Barrera

His View: Opinion on Hispanic Americans in the Senior Ranks of the Armed Forces, By William D. Rodriguez

The continuing focus on Diversity and Inclusion has become more of a “Race issue” and a “Gender issue” than an “Ethnicity issue”. The Hispanic American population has grown to be the largest minority group in this country, and yet our Armed Forces still do not reflect “the face of the nation” regarding the Hispanic American population.

By William D. Rodriguez
Rear Admiral, United States Navy, Retired


Latinas Today

Gisel Ruiz Appointed to Univision Communications Inc. Board of Directors.

Gisel Ruiz is a globally-minded executive who served extensively in C-suite level capacities for Fortune company, Walmart Inc...

Eggy’s Corner: Unconditional Love

By Juan Pablo Benítez,
Translation Services Coordinator,
A&P International.Inc.  Hello, hola, bonjour! My name is Kisses Lowry, but you can call me Kisses. I am a 10-year-old black American Cocker Spaniel. My hobbies are: hanging out with my beautiful family, taking walks, eating healthy, traveling, and of course, taking long naps in my spare time. In my early years, I was a show dog, and I am deeply grateful for that experience because it developed my passion for diversity!

Eggy’s Corner: Maya, the Therapeutic Yorkie

By Susana Gonzalez. My name is MAYA, I am a two-year-old Yorkie rescue. I had a lovely owner but she had some surgeries and with a long recovery, she couldn’t take care of me anymore. She tried really hard to find me a home and I got lucky when she called.

Veterans and Military Spouses Efforts at Walmart, Inc.

“Veterans and military spouses bring a great deal of value to their teams and to our company overall,” shares Brynt Parmeter, Senior Director Walmart Military Programs.

By Gloria Romano-Barrera

About the Author: Clap When You Land

By Elizabeth Acevedo. I come from a community-driven people; my very large Dominican family and the very Black and Brown neighborhood I was raised in New York both put a strong emphasis on building tight connections, supporting one another when traditional channels failed us, and continuously communicating the needs of ourselves and those we love to the people in power.

College Beat: 

Floreciendo – A Latina Pre-Med during COVID-19

By Karina Reyes, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). The toughest part of my journey has been determining the woman I want to be and allowing myself to flourish. I first realized that I had grown from being a shy and anxious child to a confident young woman during a campus tour I led at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).


 Veteran’s Perspective: 

A Seamless Military to Civilian Workforce Transition: Consejos Para Usted

A professor once said to me that my transition from the military to academia was quick and impressive. Say what? In my head, it was neither. Fortunately for me, I had countless years of leadership experience with adapting and overcoming whatever situation or role I was thrust into from my years in the military. By Lisa “La Coronela” Carrington Firmin, USAF Ret

Letters from the Front

By Yessica Ramos, CWO2, USMC. I am a proud Latina with Ecuadorian origins. I am a Utilities Chief Warrant Officer in the Marine Corps. As a young child, I always had an interest in joining the military. I would always dress up like GI Joe and carry a kitchen utensil or anything that could resemble a weapon on my “war” belt.

Latinas Today

Corteva Agriscience Names Anne Alonzo as Senior VP, Chief Sustainability Officer

Anne Alonzo has joined Corteva Agriscience as the company’s senior vice president for external affairs and chief sustainability officer. She will report to Chief Executive Officer James C. Collins, Jr. and is responsible for setting strategy and leading the company’s external affairs function, which includes corporate communications

Johnson & Johnson          Re-Ignite Program

By Gloria Romano-Barrera. “The Re-Ignite program is part of Johnson & Johnson’s larger commitment to diversity and inclusion, and is a fantastic way for people with unique abilities, perspectives and experiences to feel supported as they re-enter the workforce,” states Jacqueline Maestri, Vice President, WW Engineering and Property Services at Johnson & Johnson. 

Eggy’s Corner: Maya on the Phone

By Dixie Marroquin
My name is Maya and I love the smell of my owner’s perfume. I am a Border Collie. I am 10 years old and words that describe me are: intelligent, athletic, agile, acrobatic (my owners say I can spin on a dime when I am catching frisbees), and lastly but not least, I am sweet and caring…

Latina Letters From the Front!

By Lt. Col. Maritzel G. Castrellon Chief, Personnel Services Branch CENTCOM CCJ1, MacDill AFB, FL . My military heritage started way before I was born. This intricate story began in the early 1900s when my paternal grandfather, the son of two Italian immigrants, moved from …

Veteran’s Perspective: Transitioning to a Thriving Civilian Career

By Giselle Abritton, Director Hotel Support – CALA Region, Hilton. I joined the Navy in 1994, straight out of high school in Puerto Rico. During my six years in the military, I served as a Mess Management Specialist where I was responsible for the lodging and food preparation for sailors in my duty station and advance deployments. 

Las Jefas! Latina Author’s Weaving Their Stories

By Marisa Rivera. I grew up reading books like Don Quixote de La Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes, and La Carreta by René Marqués, Poems by Federico Garcia Lorca and Sor Juana Inés de La Cruz. I was worried about what our youth are reading nowadays and if we had any strong, creative and multicultural writers that could capture the essence of living in two worlds as many immigrants and first-generation feel …

About the Author: Defeating the Odds

By María Luisa Villagómez Victoria. Growing up my father was rarely around, and my mother had to work long hours to provide for my four sisters and me. After my parents divorced, my mother decided that, in order to provide for us, it was best for my sisters and I to live with my grandmother in Mexico, so we moved. At the time, I was about 7 years old …

College Beat: Managing Transitions

By Maria Luis
B.A. Economics Major. 
University of California, Merced. My college experience has been an ongoing discovery of who I am and what I can become. Each year has presented itself with different obstacles and learning experiences that taught me independence, management, and communication as well as resourcefulness. 

His View: Elevating Our Leaders

By Marco A. Davis
President and CEO
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI). I am a firm believer in the power of diverse leadership and potential in our community, so it’s an honor to serve the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) in our mission to develop the next generation of Latino/a/x leaders across all industries. CHCI’s track record of success is owed in large part to the women who led the organization before me.

Punto Final: “¡Que Viva La Mujer!

The United States dedicates the month of March for celebrating influential mujeres throughout history and present day, a mission that LATINA Style, Inc. embraces throughout the year. Mujeres fuertes y poderosas with names that sound like mine and facial features similar to my own—Dolores Huerta, Rigoberta Menchú, Ellen Ochoa, Major General

Las Jefas

Las Jefas: Latinas in the Military, A Growing Force    By Marisa Rivera. Women’s participation in the military has had a history that extends over 400 years worldwide, from Civil Wars, World Wars I and II to present conflicts. Women have been a presence in the United States military for decades and have worked to serve and defend the country for just as many.….

College Beat

By Daisy Guintos
Texas Woman’s University
English Major & Political Science Minor. I was born in Dallas, Texas, however, my parents decided for our family to move to Guanajuato, Mexico when I was 11-months-old. Later on, when …

His View: Walmart’s Commitment to Veterans and Military Families

By Mark Espinoza, Senior Director, Corporate Affairs, Walmart Inc. At Walmart, we are grateful for the sacrifice our nation’s veterans, military men and women, their spouses and families make in service to the country. It is our duty and honor to…

Punto Final!

Latinas Adelante! Moving Beyond Diversity, Embracing Inclusion in the Fight for Equity.  By Linda Urrutia-Varhall, U.S. Air Force (Ret) and Dr. Cynthia Baron. As Latinas, many of us face the concept of diversity. In both the civilian and military world, there are offices and personnel dedicated to ensuring diversity as it relates to numbers and representation. 

His View

Continuing a Legacy.      By Robert E. Bard.          It was 25 years ago that in the living room of a tiny Alexandria apartment in Virginia, Anna Maria Arias put the finishing touches to the first LATINA Style...

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