About the Author: A Platform for Latina HR Professionals

By Priscilla Guasso

Latinas Rising Up In HR, started as a bold vision of intentionally connecting Latina leaders within human resources in corporate, nonprofit or as entrepreneurs. Why? The broken reality is we have very limited Latina representation within HR throughout Fortune 500 executive leadership roles, as conference speakers, panelists, award recipients or profiled in publications. If we are truly looking to build organizations that are diverse, equitable and inclusive, my basic question to you is, what does your HR team reflect?

As I progressed in my career, I learned that my experiences of having supportive leaders was not typical. A few years ago I had the privilege to work alongside Catherine O’Connell, a phenomenal HR leader, RVP of HR for Latin America, high in integrity and through her humility taught me more than I could have dreamed. Latina HR leaders like her have the choice to lift others up, or not. In our 4 years of working together, she believed in my talents and am grateful for her continued friendship. It’s through sponsors like her and many others in my career that taught me to lean into the unknown, make bold decisions and seize new opportunities. A few years after moving into an executive HR role, the statistics above continued to weigh heavily on me, among many other things as you can read in my story.

As we all managed our new life in the 2020 pandemic, it became increasingly apparent that each day is not given and without hesitation that year Latinas Rising Up In HR was written and published. Today all contributing authors join me in the special literary honor as published authors of a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author in (6) categories. We are focused on growing our community of Latinas In HR with our eyes on one purpose: sharing our keys of knowledge and success to O-P-E-N doors of unlimited possibilities.

Thank you LATINA Style Inc, for sharing your platform to advocate new voices like those in Latinas Rising Up In HR. I invite you to actively share and join our community on social media by connecting with us @LatinasInHR. Actively become part of our journey through the purchase of our book on www.LatinasRisingUpInHR.com where partial proceeds of each purchase will be used towards funding our two annual scholarships launching in March.

Based in Chicago and Miami, Priscilla Guasso thrives in leading human resource teams in Talent Acquisition and Development Her fifteen plus years of experience expands to all areas of HR in the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean in the hospitality and healthcare industry. As author of Latinas Rising Up In HRⓒ and founder of Latinas In HR™, she is focused on building a community that openly shares connections, best practices and experiences while also giving back to our youth. Priscilla holds a bachelor’s of science degree in business administration from University of Illinois in Urbana/Champaign. Outside of work she actively serves as a board member for Mujeres de HACE Chicago, the Latino/Latina Alumni Association for University of Illinois, a mentor with Fig Factor Foundation, member of the HRHotspot, SHRM, the National Hispanic Corporate Council and The Latinista. She enjoys traveling to new cities with her husband, Jorge, and soaking up the sun in warmer climates.

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