About the Author: American Girl Short stories on politics, religion, and Latinidad

The book American Girl, Short Stories on Politics, Religion, and Latinidad was inspired by a desire to illustrate the Latino perspective in America. The short stories shared are a culmination of my personal journey growing up in California and traveling the world in the United States Air Force. My views on politics, religion and my Latinidad come to the forefront with wit and a sense of purpose for empowering future generations to think global and act locally. My words reflect a truer and more whole America. I cut no corners and speak light to those that join me on the journey of exploring the Latino perspective. I share what it is like to grow up in two worlds. I emphasize the human need to belong and explore the reality Latinos face on the day-to-day.

Like most children of immigrants, I had the role of translator, bridge builder, peacekeeper, and outsider. I write about navigating an America that seldom recognizes the invisible movers and shakers, the tapestry makers, the community builders that are the heart and soul of America. I also discuss the current state of affairs in the country as I see it unfold during a global pandemic. My political and religious views are the exploration and assertion that we must continue to evolve. We must continue to learn from our mistakes as a country and as a people. America is a great experiment of the utmost optimistic kind always in pursuit of a more perfect union. The idea is that one man can dream as big as he wants. As Latinos, we also read the fine print and it says, “big dreams are only for white people stay in your lane”. Sure, there are exceptions however the data is clear, and more work is needed to balance the scales.

Still, Latinos continue to thrive in American society. According to the organization Hispanic Star, Latinas create business six times faster than any other group. Latinas also get paid 47 percent less for the same job than non-Latinos. Forty-two percent of Latinos say the media depicts them negatively; however, Latinos have 1.7 trillion-dollar purchasing power and 66 percent of new homes are being bought by Latinos. I explore how the mainstream narrative does not support what is being reflected in politics and positions of power. I aim to shift this through dialog and inviting more Americans to touch on these topics by simply looking at the data and concluding that the numbers simply don’t add up. The book American Girl is an attempt to ruffle feathers, shake the beehive and let the data show where we fall short as American’s. The book also illustrates how much we have grown and just how far we’ve come since the days of the civil rights movement. The book American Girl is about celebrating our Latinidad without reservations.

Adriana Rosales is an 8-time author, a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, John Maxwell certified speaker, HeartMath® Certified and an educator of personal resilience and self-regulation. An accomplished military veteran, she brings her background and years of experience navigating the corporate ladder in the telecommunication and finance industries to the front lines. She is founder of Adriana & Company LLC, with a background as a multifaceted leader in the United States Air Force. To learn more visit:https://www.adriana.company/

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