ALFA Romeo Stelvio TI, 2020: Synonymous with Luxury and Quality

By Lupita Colmenero

2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Lusso AWD

Meant to be a luxury car, the ALFA Romeo was born in 1906, through a limited company (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili), in Italy. The initial reasons were to build successful, well-functioning race cars. Later, in 1915, a talented engineer and businessman named Nicola Romeo (hence its current acronym), joined the company as its director and adapted the factory’s capabilities for the manufacture of war products and machinery, to be able to offer aid to the Italians and the allies in the warlike conflict of that time. Production of ammunition, aircraft engines, generators, compressors, and other devices were produced, thanks to the capacity of the factory, which then supplied the prevailing needs of the armies. Circumstances at the time, of course, brought car production to a halt, but since there were still parts for the construction of 105 cars in stock, in 1919 car assembly and manufacturing was resumed, and the rest is history. In 1920, the name was changed to Alfa Romeo, starting the fame of this car brand.

With more than a century of existence, the ALFA Romeo has maintained a great reputation. In models like the Stelvio TI, the attempt to preserve a

2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

little bit of everything that this brand has represented since its inception is visible. The 2020 Stelvio TI is sporty, with a 280-horsepower 2.0-liter, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine, and great towing capacity, it also has family car features and the amenities expected of it. The Stelvio TI satisfies the whims of those looking for dynamism, performance, load capacity, and utility.

The Stelvio TI has a bit of the “look” of its model brothers, the Giulia and Spider, which is why it makes it a complete car. Personally, although I

consider myself an athlete, my style in cars is not sporty, but that does not mean that I fail to appreciate the qualities of a car that I can trust. It was in the late ‘90s when I realized how important it is to have a 4-wheel drive car. I took a school trip with my daughter, to ski to the Colorado Alps (Pagosa Springs), where when we got to the cabins we had rented, my truck could not climb the steep chasm of the terrain covered in ice, and we had to park away from the entrance. It was then that the rule was established. No more! And the truth is that, although for many having front and rear-wheel drive in a car does not matter much, I noticed the difference in the handling and the protection that it offers.

2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Otherwise, the Stelvio TI offers as much as any modern car. Heated front seats, Active Driver Assistance System (I am totally dependent on this amenity). And, the fact that the entry-level model has front and side airbags, backup camera and warning sensors, rain-sensitive windshield wipers, remote start and lock, universal garage opener, and many other amenities. It is a respectable car. Of course, you have to handle all the models, but this one, in particular, passed the test.

Request a test drive at one of their dealerships, and experience the benefits of this car for yourself. And don’t be scared by its fame, as its prices, depending on the model and package you choose, can be quite reasonable.

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