Corporate America’s Commitment to Developing Future Latina Leaders

By Gloria Romano-Barrera

From retention to building a strong pipeline of diverse talent, companies such as Wells Fargo, Marriott International, and Johnson & Johnson are committing to investing and supporting Latina success in the workplace. Here is how they are advancing careers and creating a pipeline of leaders.

Focused on attracting, engaging, retaining and developing diverse talent, Wells Fargo is deeply committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. Wells Fargo is developing and implementing a comprehensive diversity agenda that focuses on sustainable progress and lasting impact. Wells Fargo cultivates relationships with external diversity recruitment organizations to support their diversity and inclusion recruitment efforts.

In order to help identify and attract diverse talent, Wells Fargo employs a selection and assessment program that ensures its hiring process is fair and equitable. Here are some ways Wells Fargo is taking action:

· Wells Fargo’s Hispanic & Latino Connection has 49 chapters and an estimated 17,000 active members across the United States. Its reach includes the top 20 metro areas with Wells Fargo Hispanic employees and includes a virtual chapter to ensure accessibility and influence across the entire footprint. Hispanic & Latino Connection’s vision is to empower the next generation of Hispanic and inclusive leaders to support the growing needs of a rapidly changing marketplace. It also serves as a key resource for diversity and inclusion, talent acquisition, and cross-collaboration with other ERGs.

· Top Talent Mentoring Programs target successors for critical roles and high potential employees in levels 2 through 9 (senior – mid-level employees) as mentees. Our talent planning teams intentionally match our top leaders with high potential talent from across lines of business and from different cultural identities.

· Specialty Development Programs are implemented when there is a business specific need or to support Wells Fargo’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion goals. These formal programs can be 1:1 mentoring or group mentoring. The talent planning team partner with program managers to intentionally match mentors and mentees.

· The Self-directed Mentoring Platform is accessible to more than a quarter-million team members, provides opportunities for team members at all levels to initiate and participate in mentoring relationships, with a focus on general career development.

· In 2021, we are building a formal diverse development program for high potential diverse employees to create a more diverse and inclusive talent pipeline. Through the Operating Committee Sponsorship Program, the Operating Committee has made an investment in career advancement of diverse employees across the Company by connecting to impactful assignments, networks, and support in promotion and new leadership opportunities.

· In 2020, Wells Fargo invested $110 million to organizations that serve Hispanic communities, providing economic opportunity. Wells Fargo focused on supporting nonprofits and small businesses hardest hit by the impacts of the pandemic.

· Wells Fargo made an industry-leading commitment by donating roughly $420 million in gross processing fees from the Paycheck Protection Program through its Open for Business Fund.

· Wells Fargo proudly supports military service members and veterans through initiatives to hire and retain veterans, and through foundation donations, financial health resources, and event sponsorship. Wells Fargo has donated more than 400 homes, valued at over $60 million, to support veterans in all 50 states.

Putting people first has always been the cornerstone of Marriott’s success. Since Marriott’s founding in 1927, Marriott’s core value of putting people first and their deep commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion have guided how they interact with people and how they do business every day. This is the foundation that sustains Marriott’s “TakeCare culture” and business success.

“Especially during one of the most challenging periods our industry has ever faced, nothing is more important to us than the wellbeing of our associates and customers,” said David A. Rodriguez, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Human Resources Officer, Marriott International. “Our associates are the heart of vibrant Marriott community that for more than 94 years has been founded upon respect and kindness, inclusive opportunity and the pursuit of excellence.”

Marriott’s goal this past year has been simple: Live our TakeCare culture to do the very best we can – especially for our associates – and we will get through this together. Marriott has been recognized externally for their diversity, equity and inclusion leadership, including becoming the first hospitality company to be inducted into the prestigious DiversityInc Hall of Fame in 2021 following being named #1 to the list in 2020.

The company supports diversity, equity and inclusion in several ways.

· Accountability Starts at the Top Nearly two decades ago – we established a board of directors-level Committee (Inclusion and Social Impact Committee) focused on advancing inclusive opportunities, with accountability metrics at the highest levels of the organization.

· Accelerate Leadership Diversification Marriott set a corporate goal of achieving gender parity by 2025 for the women in executive positions– and in June 2021, Marriott announced it would be accelerating efforts and pledged to achieve global gender parity for women in executive positions by 2023. It also announced the establishment of a new objective to increase the representation of people of color in executive positions in the United States from 20.5 percent to 25 percent by 2025.

· 20+ Years of Women’s Leadership Development Initiative In 1989, Marriott launched the Women’s Leadership Development Initiative to develop a strong pipeline of women leaders, provide opportunities and forums for women to network and build mentoring relationships, and promote work-life integration.

· Diversity and Inclusion Council members represent the broad scope of diversity and play a critical role in driving Marriott’s diversity, equity and inclusion strategy. The Councils help attract, develop and retain diverse talent through planning and participating in leadership conferences for women and people of color, Evenings of Engagement networking events, campus events and classroom presentations. · Talent Network Teams (TNTs) support the power of collaboration and cross-discipline teamwork to drive innovation at Marriott. TNTs bring diverse associates together to solve business challenges, promote collaboration and strengthen relationships through informal networking.

· Diversity and Inclusion Talent Council was established in 2020 and is comprised of cross-discipline senior leaders to help drive outcomes in achieving our diverse recruitment and talent strategy.

· Serve360 Empower Through Opportunity Marriott’s sustainability and social impact platform include portfolio-wide next-generation goals that will guide company efforts through 2025. Marriott’s Serve 360 platform is guided by four “coordinates,” each with dedicated focus areas and ambitious goals. One of the coordinates is Empower Through Opportunity which involves partnering with leading nonprofits to ensure workplace readiness and access to opportunity with our business—including our supply chain—focusing on youth, diverse populations, women, people with disabilities, veterans and refugees.

· Partnerships with Hispanic-focused Associations Marriott continues to have long-standing partnerships with Hispanic-focused associations who offer development and access to employment and community outreach programs. Marriott has established partnerships with key organizations representing women’s interests to support the development and recruitment of women, such as Catalyst, National Association of Female Executives Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, Women Presidents’ Educational Organization National Society of Minority & Women Owned Law Firms, and WEConnect International. · Emerging Leader Program (ELP) is Marriott’s signature 12-month inclusive leadership development program. The goal of ELP is to ensure the development of our bench strength talent – our high-performing front-line leaders, senior leaders, and other managers who have demonstrated the ability to excel to higher levels of responsibility.

· Voyage Global Leadership Development Program is Marriott’s award-winning, entry-level leadership development program. The goal of Voyage is to attract and develop top talent to ensure a diverse future pipeline of Marriott leaders. · Executive Pathway Program (EPP) was designed to develop talent for full-service general manager roles. · Women in Leadership and Learning is a four-day program developed by Shambaugh Leadership that helps Marriott women leaders assess and determine leadership and business challenges, develop successful leadership profiles, identify development expectations, define the impact of cultural issues, and create measures of success.

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