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A Second Chance at Happiness
By Jose L. Montalvan

Trixie Montalvan

Recently, I celebrated my second anniversary with my loving and caring family. It has been 730 days since I left a hell-like place. After two years, I can still remember the overcrowding, the terrible smell, the small amount of food provided, and the unforgettable despair on everyone’s face. It was beyond my understanding as to why I was dropped off at such a place. Despite the sadness, I was hopeful that they would return to pick me up. But, to my surprise, they never came back for me.

I don’t know much about my childhood, my parents, or my siblings. But, I can tell you in detail about the yelling, hitting, and threats that I experienced with my first family. Regardless of my best efforts, the physical and mental abuse never stopped resulting in my distrust of people.

Trixie Montalvan with his family Jose L. Montalvan (center), Ethan (r), and Ean (l).

But, enough with the pity party. I want to focus on my wonderful life and on the family who adopted me. My new life started on Thanksgiving weekend 2019 when a family of four was looking for someone special to adopt. They were initially hesitant to bring a stranger home to live with the little ones. But, after much thought, they decided that they could make a difference in someone’s life; luckily, that someone ended up being me. After a short Thanksgiving drive, they arrived at the place that should not be named. They were not looking for me specifically. But, after a short visit with two of my neighbors, they asked to see me.

At first, I was timid and scared. Who am I kidding? I was terrified. They were four strangers calling my name and trying to pet me. All I could hear was my neighbors screaming at me not to trust them. But, I decided to give Kerrie a chance, and my life changed forever. An hour later, I was officially a Montalvan and we were driving to my new home aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island.

Now, I would like to brag about my family. Kerrie, the pack leader, is a power lifter and holds national and state records; when she speaks the boys listen. Jose, the husband, is a Marine officer working in recruiting. Luckily for me, I am not the breed he looks to recruit into the Marine Corps. Ethan, their oldest pup, is a great student and loves playing soccer. Ean, their youngest pup, is fearless and super active; he is always on the go. Recently, our family grew by one. They added Oreo, a pup, to the family. He is hyper and always wants to play; he drives me bonkers, but he is growing on me.

Our family has been through a lot since I met them, including a pandemic. But, regardless of challenge, our family tends to come out on top due to the trust and love we have for each other. They have accepted me unconditionally, and I have become an essential family member. I love them for valuing my qualities and overlooking my faults. Most importantly, I love them because they gave me another opportunity at happiness. As Christmas approaches, it is my wish that you have the opportunity to change someone’s life, like the Montalvan’s did for me. I am proud to call myself Trixie Montalvan.

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