Eggy’s Corner: Maya Joins the Family, By Betty Aguilar Avila

Maya Joins the Family
By Betty Aguilar Avila

Hi, my name is Maya. My warrior mom is Betty Aguilar Avila and she calls me bebé. I was born on August 12, 2020, and I joined mom in October. As a newborn, I am just discovering the world and I am curious about everything around me.

I joined mom’s life to bring her comfort, care, and company. When I joined her, I learned she had been recovering from an aggressive type of cancer for the last three years. I was amazed at her strength and courage and how hard she works towards her recovery. I love that I am now a part of her recovery by bringing her joy and love. She tells me all the time about the positive impact I make in her life. She inspires me to know that no matter how hard things are in our lives when we have faith, do the work, and have the right support, things can get better.

Some of my favorite activities with mom are reading the Bible, meditating, gardening, going on walks, and listening to classical music. When she is not working on her health, she likes to help other people and empower them.

celebrate mom’s grandson and my nephew, Isaac’s 21st birthday. That was my first party ever. I loved how much fun people seem to have at these parties.

Betty Aguilar Avila with Maya, 2020

I know that pets like me can help people feel happier and when they are happier, their health improves. We help with routines, soothing when things don’t go so well and are always there.

Mami Betty and I have many plans for 2021. We would like to travel when it’s safe to travel again. We will go to her cancer support groups together and will share our story of recovery and support. And I will be by her side as she pursues her nutritionist certificate program.

I love my mom because she spoils me and gives me as much love as I give her. We love online shopping and love dressing up on a regular basis but particularly for special occasions. I wore a beautiful pink dress to

I hope the story of our experience together can inspire you to welcome us, furry friends, into your lives. I know there are many other pets like me who want to bring love and comfort to other people. Thank you for considering bringing my fellow pet sisters and brothers.

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