Eggy’s Corner: Juno Takeover!

By Hannah Rigsby and Lory Burgos

Hola! I am Juno, a not so toy Australian Shepherd since I am over 20 pounds. Hehe. I have a puppy brother named Neo. Neo and I took a very long trip from Atoka, Oklahoma, to Naples, Florida! Two airplane rides and 1,300 miles later, I met my loving family, Hannah and her parents, Lory and Will. It was love at first sight!

Since joining the family, my days are filled with yummy food, tasty treats, and warm belly rubs. I am a red merle, so I have sprinkles of brown and red spots on my coat. I love running in the grass and going on brisk walks with mi mama, Lory. It is very hot down here in Naples, but I enjoy getting out and about.

When I go for a stroll, I often get compliments about my canine beauty. You see, I am unique because I have heterochromia, which means I have one blue eye and one-half blue and half green eye. I am a very cute puppy, if I do say so myself.

Meeting new people is nice and all, but I am a little shy, so I don’t often like to play with humans I do not know and might even bark a little. I am not a barker; I also do not chew on shoes or furniture. Lory likes to call me “La Santa,” which means I can do no wrong unless I try to nibble on her toes, she does not like that. She likes to feed me some of her vegan stuff; I have grown to love fruits best, especially blueberries and pears. When mama works, sometimes I sit at her feet and play with her toes, so she knows she has to take me for a run when she’s done. I am a fast runner and show off when I play with other dogs. On sunny and cooler days, we all go on the balcony and bark at other dogs walking around the lake. It is so much fun to dog watch!

Cuddling with my sister Hannah and stealing socks are two of my favorite things to do, and I have my very own bean bag that I watch TV on with my family. One of my favorite shows is Jane the Virgin, although I believe I might be way too young for telenovelas. My sister Hannah and I go to the park quite often, where we play volleyball. I always bring the ball back to her! It is so much fun, once we get home, I have a bowl of yummy food, and I am out for the day.

I have been told my intelligence level is above most dogs. Maybe it is true since I have even learned some human language! Outside is my favorite word so far! L

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