Eggys Corner: Love at FURst Sight!

By Beana Ramirez

Hey there, my name is Rhino (for obvious reasons), but you can call me Rhi-Rhi! I am a healthy English Bulldog from Mexico, but now I legally reside in Texas. I recently joined my new family, and let me tell you… IT IS AMAZING! There was an instant connection when I met my parents and sisters, “love at FURst sight,” as I would like to call it. I immediately knew they’d love me as much as I love them. Although I keep hearing “he’s a handful and demands a lot of attention,” … they must not be talking about me. I love spreading “slobbery lovies” as my mom calls them since I tend to drool, but it’s just my way of expressing my love and gratitude towards my new family!

Summer is here, and my parents, Beana and Hector, like to keep the house in freezing temperatures, so I go outside to defrost and get in a quick sunbath after a good nap. Also, cardio isn’t my thing, but I enjoy going on short walks around the block with my sisters, Emily and Lexi! But my all-time favorite thing to do is hang out in the comfort and coolness of my sisters’ rooms. Even though I am considered a heavy sleeper, I am very attentive and try my best to guard our home. Usually, when someone is at the door, I will run and let my growling and barks be heard until the person on the other end is allowed in, which automatically means they are no harm to my loved ones or me.

I was recently taken to my veterinarian for a routine checkup as my parents were concerned about the possible ear infections we tend to face and the problems it could cause if not treated on time. During my visit, I went through a thorough examination from head to tail. My parents were told my ears, muscles, and joints looked great, and my heart and lungs were in perfect condition. Mommy and daddy could not be happier. I was later taken for my favorite sweet treat, a Puppaccino from Starbucks as a reward for being good during my wellness checkup.

Also, I know I’m the newest addition to the family, but something is up… I keep seeing my mommy bringing in girly baby stuff. I’m not a big fan of pink, but I guess it’ll do, or is it for someone else? I also noticed my mom’s belly getting bigger and bigger by the day, which I thought was weird. Each day she comes home from work my sisters run to her belly and talk to it. They also keep saying Angelina, but there’s no Angelina in the house. The only thing that comes to mind is my mommy expecting a baby, which I can’t even imagine what that would be like. It kind of stresses me out if you ask me. I mean, I AM the baby! The thought of having to share my playtime, loving time, and cuddle time just doesn’t sound fun to me. Not to mention, I heard there’s a lot of late nights and stinky diapers. I don’t know how well or how soon I am going to cope with the change. Regardless, I know that I will love and care for a baby as much as I do with my other sisters. Until then, I will soak in all of the attention and love as much as I can!

On second thought, I think a new baby will be fun. It’ll be another love at FURst sight!




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