Eggy’s Corner: This Holiday Season!

By Gina Torres and Valeria Rodriguez

Gina Torres with Leyla.

It’s the holiday season so what better time to “expand our horizons” as Eggy would say than to be a guest writer for LATINA Style Magazine. My name is Leyla, I’m a Yorkie Maltese mix and I’m eight years old. My co-writer Max is also a Yorkie Maltese! No, we’re not siblings, couldn’t be! We’re complete opposites, with his level of chillness and my sass. My mom is Gina, she and Max’s mom Valeria both work at LATINA Style. They are complete opposites, but somehow get along just great. We thought what better way to celebrate the season than reminiscing on our holiday memories? Max take it away!

Hi, I’m Max! I’m seven years old and an only child. As Leyla said, I’m extremely chill just like my mom. Our favorite thing to do is cuddle in bed and watch scary movies (they’re not so scary anymore).


The holidays are finally here and I’m so excited! My whole family comes over to open presents, eat and spend time with me! The house smells really good with all the food everyone makes, which makes the kitchen get kind of busy. I don’t help out too much though. Instead, I make sure my human little cousins don’t run around and make a mess but they never listen… Either way, I love having company over! I get more attention than I usually do from my mom and grandma. But the only bad thing about this time of the year is the weather. My mom makes me wear sweaters and calls me Mr. Rogers, whoever that is. What are your favorite things about the holidays, Leyla?

I would definitely say spending time with the ENTIRE family, trust me we’re a big family. My cousins will come over to play and eat all my treats, but it’s okay, sharing is caring, right? The house is filled with the aroma of my abuelitas tamales, yummy (at least I think they are)!


During the season my mom exchanges my casual sweats for a red dress with white fur trim, I look quite stylish if I do say so myself. It compliments my shiny blonde coat that my mom makes sure to always brush out, along with moisturizing myskin, and having me smell fresh as a daisy. During this season I like to grab my favorite Christmas blanket and jump in bed with my mom for some cuddles and a nap, yeah naps are my favorite.

We hope you all have an amazing holiday season and get to spend it with your loved ones, especially your pups. Don’t forget to get your best friend, (aka us), a gift too! We’ll take extra naps, treats, and a trip to the dog park as gifts. Our gift to you, we promise not to bark at the mailman every once in a while and beg for tummy rubs from strangers.

Happy Holidays from Leyla and Max!

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