Eggy’s Corner: Trixie’s Love Language

Trixie enjoys her car ride in the Tesla Model X.

By Dania Matos, Esq.

Besitos, Trixie!” Every morning I wake up exclaiming that with joy after I express my gratitude to God for waking me up that morning. Right next to me is a furry Pomeranian licking me (or kissing me in dog speak) to start my day and she has a huge smile on her face (yes, dogs smile) to light up the world and remind me of the unconditional love she gives. How could you be mad even on a Monday (if you remember what day of the week it is) with this daily morning ritual?

We roll out of bed and put on our COVID uniform. You know what I am talking about. Yoga pants (we now own hundreds), fuzzy socks (our go-to shoewear), our double masks now because who knows what strain we’re on, the most comfy boots and a hooded sweatshirt, the latter two only being because we’re going for a walk to brave the elements because we know we don’t really wear any shoes anymore. We stroll around the neighborhood – these days walks are longer and we’ve learned to appreciate the small things – things that we never had time to notice before when morning commutes made Trixie’s walks much shorter and my mind was usually on how long it would take me to get to the office that day and what lay ahead. We put on our favorite playlist and remember all the things we are grateful for in a time where that may seem much harder to do, but yet we persist.

Dania Matos and Trixie.

We get back home to hop in the car and get our groceries early for the week so that the least amount of people are there and we can get in and out with the least exposure to ourselves and others. Luckily, my Tesla Model X car has an awesome “dog” button leaving the climate on and a notice on the car display letting others know “Do not worry.” My owner will be right back and the temperature is blank inside (so they know how warm or cool the climate is – it auto-adjusts to keep Trixie happy and comfortable and me at ease.) We get our drive through custard (Trixie’s version of coffee) and as she enjoys her vanilla custard on our way home, I am ready to start the never-ending day of Zooming everywhere without moving except for the sit-stand desk that forces me to do one or the other to pretend like I am going somewhere.

Throughout the day, Trixie is by my side, curled in her bed under my desk and tapping me for belly rubs throughout the day. She also likes to make the occasional Zoom appearance when she thinks a meeting has gone too long and is interrupting our quality time. She is a constant reminder that everything is going to be okay and the blessing that it is that we have so much time together. For those of you like me whose love languages are physical touch and quality time, Trixie has kept my love tank full. In a world where nothing is certain and everything is changing, Trixie is the constant that gets me through and always fills my day with belly rubs and besitos. You can’t get better than that. Right, Trixie?

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