Julie Baez Prebula, A Latina Behind Slippery Rock Golf Club

By Azucena Maldonado

“When you dream big, big things happen,” proclaims Julie Baez Prebula. A big and bold statement impressed upon her since childhood. Words that shaped the trajectory of her life. “If you truly believe this, then why wouldn’t the insurmountable be possible?” she adds. Living an intentional life is one of the factors she credits for emboldening her to become the only Latina owner of a golf course in the United States, a feat many of us would consider unattainable. But not Baez Prebula. who with a team made up of her husband, Eric, and her in-laws, partnered to seize an opportunity of a lifetime and in 2019 purchased, the newly named, Slippery Rock Golf Club and Event Center in Pennsylvania.

This seasoned music industry and media executive is using her marketing, events, and media relations and knowledge to complement her husband and mother-in-law’s combined 50 years of experience in the sports event management, golf, and hospitality industries to create the perfect lineup to conquer the golf industry. Baez Prebula follows the writings of Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the Four Agreements, whose first agreement, she says, “reminds us of how powerful our words are. “Be impeccable with your words.”

I never felt the power of words so strongly than the story behind our golf course deal,” which she promises will be detailed in a book she’s writing.

A Texas native, she didn’t grow up in a golf family or even a golf community so how did this self-proclaimed novice golfer become involved in the game?

“I came into golf by necessity and sheer will,” she shares. “I was simply tired of being left on the proverbial porch while the guys (my clients and colleagues) literally did their business on the golf course. If I were to hang out with the boys, I needed to figure out their game,” she says with a smile. “I made it my mission and started with an etiquette golf class held at the local community college. I also found like-minded women through the Latina Golfers Association (LGA), a golf community in Los Angeles, and slowly, I got better. Something magical happens when you take the wheel, call out your goals, and just go for it.”

Her zest for life’s grand possibilities is infectious. Her tenacious and inquisitive attitude was influenced by the many strong women in her life, starting with her grandmother who worked as a sue chef while single-handedly raising seven kids, her mother, who encouraged her daily to “ask questions!”, and most importantly, las tías, the women whose relentless and optimistic outlook on life and career became her examples of how long series of little things, done consistently, over time, can result in breakthroughs, “and”, she adds, “how everything worthwhile is truly uphill. Once you know this, you can forgive yourself for all the failures and misses along the way and realize they are all necessary lessons in life.”

A strong believer and practitioner of meditation and yoga, she finds it keeps her mind clear and able to manage the many businesses within the golf course and events center which has become a true family business with the help of her two adult stepchildren, Illyanna and Maximiliano, who contribute as hands-on operators of the business.

While the golf course is the family’s labor of love, she and Eric have built a successful and growing insurance agency that supports over 100 agents across the country. To what does she attribute their success as entrepreneurs on and off the course? “Lots of prayers, meditation, and ongoing self-development.”

What advice does she leave us with? ” Choose your words carefully because they spell out who you are. What are you telling yourself every day, minute after minute? Is it really that easy? Sure, it is.”

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