Top 16 Employee Resource Groups of the Year, 2020

By Gloria Romano-Barrera

Voluntary, employee-led Employee Resource groups or Business Resource Groups foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with the company’s mission, values, goals, business practices, and objectives. From increasing employee engagement to developing future leaders, and expanding marketplace reach, LATINA Style, Inc. recognizes and honors the best ERG’s and BRG’s in the country for their overall impact on career outcomes and more. The Top 16 ERG’s and Honorable Mention ERG listed here (in no specific order) drive innovation, and improve their company’s overall culture and business.

Hispanic American ERG (HAERG)

A key part of what makes Accenture a great place to work is the commitment to Inclusion and Diversity. Accenture’s Hispanic American ERG (HAERG) is provided with governance and sponsorship as part of Accenture’s overall Inclusion and Diversity strategic plan. Established as the Hispanic American Interest Group in the late 1990s, HAERG has approximately 3,200 members (500 more members than last year). With membership extending across 29 chapters in the U.S. including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, in the last year, HAERG has grown to four new chapters. Today, HAERG remains committed to developing spaces where people can bring their best selves to work every day and remain authentic to who they are. Accenture helps attract, develop, retain and advance Hispanic Americans and Latinx both nationally and locally via their partnerships with human resources, communications to HAERG members regarding professional development sessions and cultural events, celebrating communities, and by pairing its members with people in leadership positions who care about mentoring and encouraging growth opportunities. The three pillars in which Accenture’s ERG is built—People, Community and Market—facilitate their ability to impact their marketplace as well as their communities. HAERG is also leading the conversation and action around inclusion, diversity, and equity topics that are gripping the national conversation today. They are an integral piece of the I&D strategic plan in North America.

American Airlines, Inc.
Latin Diversity Network

Employee Resource Groups are a powerful resource that helps American Airlines in achieving their goals.  They are the voice of our workgroups and our customers and driven by a mission to promote an environment that facilitates the hiring, professional development and promotional opportunities of Latin employees, while enhancing American Airlines’ global competitiveness and their image in the Latin community.

Latin Diversity Network was established in 1997 and has today has approximately 2,900 members located across the globe.  This group has become a developmental platform that encourages members to fulfill their potential and reach higher stages in their career growth.  Latin Diversity also promotes teamwork and respect and assists in driving recognition of American Airlines to be the greatest airline in the world.

The team is focused on detecting needs of its employees and customers and improving policies and procedures and creating a stronger impact in people’s lives through community service and extraordinary customer experience.  Latin Diversity Network is part of the Inclusion and Diversity structure which focuses on initiatives of communicating philosophies through education, training, recognition and encouraging conversation which further supports a productive and inclusive culture.


Created in the summer of 1988 and formalized on Jan. 1, 1989, AT&T’s Hispanic/Latino employee resource group, HACEMOS, engages people and enriches lives. Open to all AT&T employees, the 501c3 non-profit has a nationwide presence with 9,300 members across the United States (43 chapters in 24 states/regions). HACEMOS is committed to supporting AT&T, its members, and the communities it serves. HACEMOS is focused on transforming lives through signature events such as High Technology Day and a robust scholarship program, delivering over $4M in awards since 1999.

AT&T supports all Employee Groups with funding, leadership and training. Members benefit from networking, professional development and volunteer opportunities. HACEMOS provides an opportunity to build relationships outside the workgroup and help breakdown silos in the company. In addition to professional development webinars and program offerings, leadership positions within the Board and on committees allow members to showcase leadership skills and build experience. HACEMOS is active in the local community and often holds fundraisers and volunteer events, with an emphasis on education. Members can be part of a bigger impact to their local community through volunteerism and working as a group. HACEMOS prides itself on being a resource to the company for products, marketing and Hispanic Heritage Month. HACEMOS has been a resource for finding talent to fill bi-lingual positions, to test marketing campaigns and Spanish language products. HACEMOS brings perspective and ideas to AT&T helping shape the strategy the company undertakes, adding value to AT&T, its employees and communities.

Bank of America
Hispanic/Latino Organization for Leadership & Advancement (HOLA)

Established in 2003 with over 17,300 members comprised of 39 chapters including a virtual chapter across 21 states, Bank of America’s employee resource group, the Hispanic/Latino Organization for Leadership & Advancement (HOLA) is committed to making Bank of America the best place for Hispanic/Latino employees to work and grow professionally by inspiring and fostering an inclusive environment for all employees in support of the bank’s purpose and strategy. HOLA is proud to have broad representation across all lines of business and levels of the company, including mid-to-upper senior management, including 214 Senior Hispanic/Latino leaders. Being a diverse and inclusive company has been a long-time priority for Bank of America. Through programs that support their employees and in response to issues that impact communities around the world, Bank of America’s approach to diversity and inclusion (D&I) starts at the top with CEO Brian Moynihan who chairs the Global Diversity & Inclusion Council (GDIC). HOLA provides feedback and is invited to engage in internal and external diversity issues, including Spanish language accessibility, public policy and workplace culture. Overall, HOLA strives to make a positive impact to Bank of America’s business strategy while strengthening the company brand through community engagement.

Conagra Brands
Conagra Latino Leadership Employee Resource Group (CLLERG)

Conagra Brands has the most impactful, energized and inclusive culture in food. Established in the 1990s, with more than 100 members throughout the country, Conagra’s Latino Leadership Employee Resource Group (CLLERG) strives to be the Latino catalyst for employee development, business growth and community impact. Its cross-functional leadership team is comprised of individuals representing Supply Chain, Finance, Brand, Legal, and Sales departments. With a belief that diversity inspires innovation, CLLERG serves as strategic partner within Conagra to unlock growth while educating employees on the importance of a diverse workplace. The ERG has also forged meaningful partnerships with community organizations to create mentorship programs and coordinate volunteer projects to help combat food insecurity. CLLERG drives inclusiveness within Conagra through the lens of its timeless values, which include integrity, broad-mindedness, and leadership.

Fannie Mae
Hispanic ERG

One of Fannie Mae’s 11 ERGs, the Hispanic ERG is employee-initiated, employee-led, and fully supported by Fannie Mae, through the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion. Fannie Mae’s Hispanic ERG was established more than 20 years ago and has more than 300 members in five states. The Hispanic ERG provides a forum for members to come together to support professional growth and development, cultural awareness, education, and community service, and to network across the organization. Members also have an opportunity to interact with leadership and build informal mentor/mentee relationships. The ERG plays a central role in helping the company live its corporate values, especially its stated values to “Value our People and Our Communities” and to work as “One Fannie Mae.” By exposing the entire employee population to the Hispanic culture through a variety of events and activities, the ERG is helping Fannie Mae, one of the most diverse financial services companies, further its diversity and inclusion objectives.

General Motors
GM Latino Network (GMLN)

With a mission to serve GM and the Latino community by attracting, engaging, and developing Latino employees, the General Motors Latino Network (GMLN) aligns with GM’s strategic priorities and focuses on three key pillars in their efforts; Talent (professional development and growth), Market (product ambassadors & community support), and Culture (helping build an inclusive environment and being a resource regarding the Latino culture). The GM Latino Network (GMLN) was founded in 1999 and currently has 4,720 Latino members. The GMLN holds a seat on the GM ERG Council, which is a forum that brings together the 11 General Motors ERGs on a monthly cadence to share best practices, identify collaboration opportunities, and provide updates on planned activities.

This year the GMLN proactively drove diversity and inclusion efforts by offering programs such as unconscious bias training and a panel discussion on Diversity Equity & Inclusion with the GM Chief of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. GMLN also plays a critical role on building and growing Latino talent through its recruitment and mentoring efforts. Investing resources on talent strengthens the company’s competitive advantage, drives innovation and fosters a learning environment.

GMLN’s success depends on the relationships inside and outside the company. With a vision of being the business familia of choice for Latinos, the GMLN works to serve and improve the communities in which they live and work while helping to build the next generation of Latino talent.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

With a mission to support Hispanic and Latinx professionals, the Juntos ERG includes approximately 300 members in California, Texas, and Georgia. Promoting a diverse and inclusive environment, while providing opportunities for successful career development at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Juntos provides an abundance of resources for all of its members, specifically a safe space where Hispanic and Latinx members can collaborate alongside like-minded professionals.

Juntos prides itself in not only empowering colleagues and members, but also giving back to the community by partnering with local nonprofit organizations and providing tools and resources such as workshops, mentorships, and professional bootcamps. To Juntos, building the community is just as important as elevating colleagues. When it comes to community involvement and engagement, Juntos focuses on primarily assisting high school and college students, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

Juntos, as their name indicates, exemplifies what it means to come together to collaborate, uplift, and empower one another – beginning with themselves, their community, and their colleagues. 

Adelante External JPG 150jpi

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Established in the mid-2000s and comprised of 21,000 members worldwide, Adelante’s mission is to foster an environment of diversity by empowering Hispanic and Latino employees to identify and pursue opportunities for career development and community involvement while promoting retention. Adelante’s vision is to play a key role in making JPMorgan the workplace and brand of choice for Latino/Hispanic employees and customers. Adelante provides tailored professional development opportunities based on the line of business (LOB), function, skill gaps and career goals. Adelante helps its members to gain an increased understanding of JPMC LOBs, while developing Hispanic talent firmwide, actively participating in recruiting fairs to bring Hispanic talent into the firm, and promoting volunteer and community engagement efforts. Adelante’s mission and events are strategically aligned with the firm’s business goals and its talent and diversity strategy and priorities. All of Adelante’s activities align around four pillars: Career, Culture, Community, and Commerce. Adelante’s pillars in turn align with the firm’s business principles of exceptional client service, operational excellence, a commitment to integrity, fairness, and responsibility, and a great team and winning culture.

Merck & Co
Merck Hispanos Organizations (MHO)

Established in 1995 as a grassroots organization, the Merck Hispanos Organization (MHO) celebrated its 25th anniversary as a formal Employee Business Resource Group (EBRG) in 2020. With over 1100 registered members, MHO operates in numerous locations across the globe.

MHO places emphasis on inclusion and provides a forum where all employees can enhance their personal and professional development as well as offer a rich option of cultural and networking activities.

MHO’s key priorities are in the areas of Business Integration and Insights, Talent Acquisition and Development and Community Outreach and Social Responsibility.  MHO has a strong infrastructure supporting their organization.  The Global Diversity and Inclusion Center of Excellence provides oversight for the Employee Business Resources Groups (EBRG) including MHO.   MHO has a Senior C-Suite Leader who serves as its Executive Sponsor and works with the MHO leaders.   The Global leader of MHO also represents the Latino and Hispanic community on the EBRG Executive Leadership Council which is comprised of the leaders of the 10 EBRGs at Merck.

MHO is interested in the development and active participation of initiatives influenced by the insights that the community brings to the table. MHO has been an active partner of the Hispanics, Inspiring, Students’, Performance and Achievement (HISPA) where our MHO members have participated in the Role Model Program, Corporate Visits & the Youth Conference.  All of these programs are intended to provide middle school students from underserved communities in NJ, PA, TX and FL access to STEM and Non-STEM role model professionals to share their life experiences, overview of careers at Merck and a sense of “If I can see it, I can be it”.

MHO collaborates across the company to provide business insights that directly impact the Hispano/Latino community.  MHO created a learning program entitled “Hispanic Learning Series”, to promote the understanding of the Healthcare gaps and opportunities among US Hispanics. In the US, health inequity in the Hispano-Latino community is significant and MHO-driven initiatives focus on actions that can positively impact this disparity.

National Latino Alliance

With a mission to attract, develop, promote and retain Latinx talent, the National Latino Alliance (NLA) focuses on member engagement and collaboration to nurture professional development in the workplace. The NLA exemplifies Nationwide’s core values and demonstrates their culture of inclusion and diversity of thought to help drive business outcomes.

Established in 2006 as Raising Interest in Spanish Awareness (RISA), associates connected in a networking group to celebrate Latinx culture. In 2012, RISA transitioned to a formal Employee Resource Group (ERG) structure and relaunched as NLA, implementing an emerging leader mentoring program, and began holding joint celebrations and associate development programs in Nationwide locations across the country.

In 2016, a new board was elected, and the strategic framework was evaluated to better align with the enterprise strategy and initiatives. NLA continued to evolve into the fully-functioning ERG it is today with a membership of over 700 associates across chapters in five states (Arizona, Ohio, Texas, Iowa, Pennsylvania), and virtual members throughout the U.S.

NLA membership is open to all associates with members ranging from a variety of demographics, business units, and locations. NLA provides its members with opportunities to network with leadership and each other, develop leadership and professional skills, volunteer in their communities, and have access to internal corporate functions and external events.

Northern Trust
Latin Heritage Leadership Council

Established in 2006 to address the needs of Northern Trust partners, the Latin Heritage Leadership Council (LHLC) mission is to create opportunities at all levels for its members. LHLC promotes and develops leaders among its Latin Heritage partners and those with interest in Latin Heritage. LHLC focuses on having a presence in Hispanic communities, creating awareness to establish and building new relationships while promoting and advocating the Northern Trust brand.

With a membership of 400 plus in nine states, LHLC provides a platform through its various pillars (drivers) to create opportunities for networking across business units and teams, host professional development sessions, provide leadership opportunities outside of the daily work functions, facilitate exposure to senior leaders across the organization, and serve local communities. Opportunities to develop skills such as public speaking, creativity, and collaboration benefit the individual partner as well as the team on which they work (business benefit).

LHLC makes an impact through participation in focus groups across the organization. The organization turns to LHLC members for recommendations and ideas on topics such as the existing performance management system, learning & development opportunities, and the opening of a new office building, just to name a few.

Overall, the LHLC ensures efforts align to DE&I and the overall organization’s focus so that they can continue to deliver on initiatives that address what’s important to Northern Trust.

Office Depot

Established in 2019, with over 160 members located across the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, Office Depot’s ERG, SOMOS, is committed to bringing Latino/Hispanic associates and allies together to encourage positive change, strengthen the culture, and support business and community initiatives. The group is engaged in business initiatives, such as working with Multicultural Marketing in events targeting Hispanic customers to promote Office Depot’s business, as well as working with their Retail team on translations of marketing for stores in regions with a high concentration of Hispanic customers. The ERG also fosters professional development by inviting diverse professionals from both inside and outside the organization to speak with the group at events and roundtables. ERG members are also provided opportunities to volunteer and participate in Community Investment programs, giving back to the communities Office Depot serves. SOMOS lives the company’s 5C culture—Customer, Commitment, Change, Caring and Creativity.

Pratt & Whitney
Hispanic Leadership Forum

Established in 2002, Pratt & Whitney’s Employee Resource Group, the Hispanic Leadership Forum, consists of 670 members across the U.S. A self-empowering support system organized to address all opportunities to help Pratt & Whitney attract, develop, and retain Hispanic professional talent across Pratt & Whitney, the Hispanic Leadership Forum also seeks to strengthen the bonds within the Hispanic community where Pratt & Whitney employees work and live. The Hispanic Leadership Forum emphasizes the importance mentorship plays in the advancement of Latinx talent. This year, HLF worked with the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion office to create the “Latino Buddy Program”, aimed at developing a diverse leadership pipeline. To achieve this goal, the Latino Buddy Program matches Latinx leaders at Pratt Whitney with early career Latinx talent in order to foster personal and professional relationships while providing mentorship, guidance, and sponsorship. Pratt & Whitney strives to provide an environment where employees from all backgrounds are valued, respected, and rewarded so that they can achieve their highest potential personally and professionally. The Hispanic Leadership Forum plays an integral role in promoting these values while simultaneously driving business results.

Southern California Edison
Latinos for Engagement, Advancement and Development (LEAD)

 Latinos for Engagement, Advancement, and Development (LEAD) is one of 12 SCE employee-led Resource Groups (RGs). LEAD pushes forward with a mission to serve as a resource for employees, support members to achieve their full potential, drive awareness of Latino contributions, and support Southern California Edison’s business objectives. Over the past several years, LEAD worked deliberately to transform itself from an Employee Resource Group (ERG) to a Business Resource Group (BRG) that serves as a resource to strategically contribute to recruitment, retention, and talent development in the company’s communities.

Founded in 1992 as an affinity group focused on creating a community for Latino employees. LEAD provides an opportunity for employees to network with one another and establish relationships with the surrounding community. Latinos make up 34 percent of Edison’s workforce and 46 percent of SCE customers. SCE recognizes that LEAD has a unique role in partnering with the company on internal and external strategic initiatives to expand its membership to include Latino employees from across the company, increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion for underserved communities and employees.

Wells Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo Latin Connection

A voluntary, team member-driven association of employees from all segments and cultures with an interest in the Hispanic/Latino culture, Wells Fargo’s Employee Resource Group, Latin Connection, was established in 2009 and consists of 15,093 members from 50 local chapters across the U.S. as well as a virtual chapter.

With a mission to empower and develop Latino leaders at Wells Fargo, educate team members on Hispanic marketplace opportunities, and build its reputation as one of the world’s great companies among the Hispanic community, Latin Connection has three (3) strategic priorities: Workforce Outcomes, D&I Advocacy Outcomes and Marketplace Outcomes. Latin Connection empowers and develops inclusive leadership by providing relevant education for members’ personal and professional growth, thus building Latino leadership competency and confidence.

Chapters are connected to current Hispanic strategy and marketplace opportunities, helping to establish partnerships and collaborations with other Wells Fargo team member networks/line of business projects. In addition, members are also connected with National Hispanic Partners and work to enhance their reputation in Hispanic communities by leading with financial literacy and college graduation efforts, all the while Elevating the Hispanic Agenda at Wells Fargo to support and develop employees, customer and suppliers alike.

Wells Fargo’s goal is to embrace and promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the company, which is essential to engaging its team members, customers, communities, and shareholders.

Honorable Mention

Barilla America

Founded in 2016, Barilla’s employee resource group Alleanza – which means “Alliance” in Italian – promotes diversity at Barilla and contributes to an inclusive and equitable culture for all employees. Alleanza’s goals are to provide support and encouragement to Black and Latinx employees so they can bring their full identities to work; create opportunities for all employees to engage in deep conversations about how Blacks and Latinx experience “otherness” in ways that may not be obvious to everyone; inform HR’s diverse recruiting strategy and execution; and engage in community outreach to positively influence the image of Barilla in minority communities.

Most recently, the 33-member ERG which operates in four states, including California, Illinois, Iowa and New York embarked on a Racial Injustice Workplace Impact Plan. This plan expanded Barilla’s commitment to leadership development, employee engagement around difficult conversations, and the retention / mobility of Black and Latinx employees. As a family-owned business, Barilla believes diversity and inclusion strengthen the company and is a core part of who they are. The company is committed to maintaining diversity and inclusion companywide and turning its commitments into definitive action to make real progress toward a more inclusive culture and community every single day. For Barilla, this means that the voice, perspective, and individuality of every employee, partner and consumer and customer matter.

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