Walmart Site Helps Military Spouses and Veterans “Find a Future”

By Gloria Romano-Barrera

“As part of a Fellowship at Sam’s Club, I received an email about the Find-a-Future program that supports veterans and military spouses wherever they may be in their journey. I set up an account to have access to the tools Walmart and Sam’s Club provide during and post-fellowship,” shares Robin Vazquez, Military spouse participating in Find-a-Future, a site providing veterans and military spouses with the tools and support they need to take the next step in their journey toward achieving their goals.

The Find-a-Future platform brings together resources that can help veterans and military spouses advance their economic opportunities and well-being. Since launching this past summer, nearly 300,000 veterans and military spouses have engaged with the “Find-a-Future” site.

The platform builds on Walmart’s previous commitment to creating opportunities for veterans and military spouses. Since 2013, Walmart has hired more than 400,000 veterans and military spouses at Walmart and Sam’s Club. In the last quarter alone, Walmart hired almost 30,000 veterans and military spouses – more than ever in a single quarter in the company’s history.

“Available to all transitioning Walmart associates who are service members, national guard, reservists, veterans, and military spouses, through the platform, they can find a job they love at Walmart, gain new skills, and grow their business and bring it to market as an entrepreneur,” shares Sandra Olivarez, Military Programs at Walmart. “Each participant is assigned a coach who can help audit their current situation, experience, and skills, which lays the foundation for creating a path to where they want to go. Their coach will also help connect them to the right partners and resources.”

According to Olivarez, this program goes beyond employment, education, and entrepreneurship. While some individuals may only need to engage with one of those pathways, others may need more than that, potentially all. And, as an example, the journey to achieve their goals may include requiring a job to pay the bills while they pursue certification or a degree necessary to obtain their career goals.

“The same may be true for someone who wants to start their own business,” she shares. “They may need a job while getting a business degree and attend an entrepreneurial boot camp with one of our partners to learn what they don’t already know about running or growing a business. We can help them explore various resources within the employment, education and/or entrepreneurship pathways as part of their journey – the best part is this is all free to them.”

Today Vazquez is one of the many military spouses benefiting from the platform and program by participating. Today he hopes to gain support and mentorship from professionals working in Walmart’s corporate marketing department.

“My goal includes becoming a director in partnerships with influencers, social media, and event planning,” Vazquez shares. “That’s why I wanted to participate in the program with professionals in this field at Walmart to help me with my path.”

Visit “Find-a-Future” to learn more.


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