A Latina and her Cricut

Are you looking for a last-minute holiday gift idea? Here are some Cricut items that you can put on your last-minute Christmas gift list to make your recipient grin from ear to ear when they open that box.

Prior to using the Cricut cutter, Melissa’s experience with crafting was limited to markers, scissors, and hot glue. Although she has always been the creative type, she never had the tools at her disposal to produce the cute crafts and t-shirts that she created in her mind. But now, the determined Latina is set for creative success with her new tools. Check out Melissa’s experience with Cricut and see for yourself why Cricut products should be on your holiday gift list.

Were you familiar with Cricut’s capabilities?
I knew Cricut could make custom t-shirts and decals for coffee mugs and other clothing items, but I didn’t realize the full scope of what it could do. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could make precision-cut snowflakes for my classroom door decorating contest. I also didn’t realize that it had the capability to create vintage-looking Christmas cards that looked handmade.

Describe your user experience with Cricut:
Air2 cutter: The Air2 Cutter was very easy to use. The directions that came with the machine were very easy to follow, and it didn’t take long at all before I was able to use it to cut some snowflakes. It was easy to set up and slim enough that I didn’t stress about how much space I needed to craft.
Cricut Explore Air™ 2, Mint: 199.99

Easy press: I was the most worried about using the Easy Press. I was afraid I would ruin the shirts and bag I made, but all my worrying was for nothing because it was so easy to use. It’s relatively lightweight, so picking it up to press the design into the fabric was easy enough, and the holding dock that came with it kept the high heat from damaging my work table. The only issue I had was knowing how long to keep the press on the transfer sheet, as the time indicated on the design guide was not accurate on my first attempt. However, once I figured out I just needed to add a few extra seconds of light pressure, I was able to peel the transfer tape off and stay with a beautifully-made t-shirt.
Easy Press 2: 179.99

Software: The best thing about the Cricut was the software. It was the most user-friendly software I have ever come across. Installation was easy and seamless, and the tutorial videos cleared up any questions I had. Access to endless resources for designing is also a big help! Free. Also check out the best value – Access Premium – Unlimited access to over 400 beautiful fonts and unlimited use of over 100,000 covet‑worthy, cut‑ready premium Cricut images for $9.99/month or $119.88 yearly.

Infusible ink:  I’m looking forward to using infusible ink. Check out materials here.

For whom would this be an ideal gift?
This would be an ideal gift for both seasoned crafters as well as beginners like myself. The Cricut can help make a wide variety of items from the simplest of crafts to the most complex multi-layered designs. I would also recommend this product to those who want to create and use customized items that show support for the favorite athlete, dancer, actor, chess player (and so on) in their life.

Time to shop! visit Cricut.com or your nearest Michaels, Joanns, AC Moore.


Melissa Barrera-Sosa is a native of Flint, MI who currently resides in Brownsville, TX. She is also a  Reading and English Language Arts teacher and the proud mother of three amazing sons – Emilio III, Sebastian Andres, and Sergio Luis.