About the Author

Lead in Life

By Dr. Laura Murillo

In 2021, my book, Lead in Life, People. Passion. Persistence: Succeed in the New Era of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion became a #1 International Bestseller in three countries (U.S., Canada, and Australia) in 15 categories: strategic management, economic development, educational leadership, operations management, public relations, business memoirs and more.

As the youngest of nine, born to immigrant Mexican parents, I was raised in Houston, TX, in Magnolia Park-East End (the oldest barrio in our city). My parents came here to the U.S. to work and raise a family. My father began his journey as a laborer and years later became an entrepreneur. I worked along my father’s side at the family’s restaurant from age 10-21, where I learned the importance of a strong work ethic. My mother dedicated her life to her children. She taught me the importance of compassion.

Though I was admitted into Harvard, Stanford & Yale, my parents wanted me to remain in Houston, so I did. I went on to earn a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate from the University of Houston. I worked at the University of Houston where I became the youngest director in the university’s history at age 22. After working at UH for 15 years, I was recruited to serve as an executive at the world-renowned Texas Medical Center-Memorial Hermann Hospital (for 6 years) where I reported to the CEO and served on her executive committee.

For the last 16 years, I have served as President & CEO of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Founding President & CEO of the Greater Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Founding Executive Producer & Houston on CBS, Univision, and Audacy Television & Radio (with an audience reach of 3.3 million), National Podcaster, International Motivational Speaker, and #1 International Best-Selling Author in 3 countries.

In 2021, I was admitted into the Harvard University-Women on Corporate Boards Executive Program (from a pool of candidates from across the globe). Soon thereafter, I was recruited to serve on 2 corporate boards and became a Corporate Board of Directors Coach for 50/50 Women on Corporate Boards.

I wrote Lead in Life in honor of my parents and for my daughters. I am a single parent of two stellar daughters ages 24 and 21. Both graduated from St. John’s School in Houston’s River Oaks (among Houston’s most affluent neighborhoods) and were recognized among the top private schools in Texas. My eldest, an Ivy League Graduate of Columbia University is a mechanical engineer and astrophysics researcher in New York City. My youngest is a senior at Georgetown University in Washington DC majoring in Government (Dean’s List) and is a full-time staffer at The White House.

For me, my book, Lead in Life, serves as a reminder that through people, passion, and persistence we can achieve our goals. And, that we are able to open doors for others along the way despite life’s challenges, including being held at gunpoint (at age 18).

Many families come from humble beginnings, including my parents. We should honor and appreciate their sacrifices. Every generation should prosper and take full advantage of the opportunities available in this country. It is my hope that we can all prosper so that we may serve as examples for the next generation. Let’s all LEAD IN LIFE!