Behind the Scenes of the LATINA Style 50 Report

The creation of the prestigious LATINA Style 50 Report is no small feat. This year, our diligent evaluation process scrutinized over 800 leading companies, seeking to identify those truly dedicated to advancing opportunities for Latinas in the workplace. We take you behind the scenes of our meticulous process to provide an inside look at how the report comes to life. Our evaluation criteria are deeply rooted in the issues that matter most to our readers, Latinas in the workplace. This year, we focused on a broad spectrum of vital aspects, including mentoring programs, career development opportunities, retention policies, employee benefits, and retraining programs. It is important to emphasize that the published chart represents just a fraction of the topics encompassed in our comprehensive survey, which we share with participating companies.

The journey begins with participating companies submitting their surveys to LATINA Style by early summer, marking the commencement of the evaluation phase. Our esteemed LATINA Style 50 selection committee meticulously reviews each entry, applying a scoring system thoughtfully crafted by LATINA Style. The process is further enriched by the interpretation of written survey responses and an extensive public research effort that contributes to the final evaluation. Depending on the complexity of the company structure, this thorough evaluation process can span weeks or even months. The mission of the LATINA Style 50 Report is to provide precise information and rightful recognition to companies that wholeheartedly strive for the advancement of Latinas. We take immense pride in knowing that the report has become the gold standard by which corporate America gauges its diversity achievements within the Latina community. Ultimately, the report celebrates companies that recognize diversity and inclusion as integral elements of their success. LATINA Style Inc. extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the companies that participated in the 2023 LATINA Style 50 Report.