College Beat: The Road to Become a College Recruit

By Isabella “Bella” Alejandre
Sophomore, Lutheran North Academy

Isabella “Bella” Alejandre – Sophomore Team at Lutheran High School 2022-2023.

As a student-athlete, many challenges arise; one challenge that comes to mind is time management. I am often reminded that I am a student-athlete and not an athlete-student; therefore, keeping my grades up has been a priority. I must find the time to do all my work to keep a high GPA as well as put in the time and effort to practice sessions to be able to perform well come game day!

Many sacrifices come with being a student-athlete, for example making swim team practice at 6:30 am, four days a week sometimes swimming outdoors in 40F degree weather. Not to mention, practicing golf in Texas with 100-degree weather during the Summer. However, all is worth it as I position myself to improve each day, leading me to a higher possibility to be recruited to play at the collegiate level. This is where good time management skills are crucial to my lifestyle. The “fun” time with friends is minimized because I am at a very important stage of my life where each grade and each practice matter to become a golf college recruit for 2025; one of my many goals!

Golfing has always come naturally to me since the age of seven; I am blessed with good rhythm and a great tempo swing. Hence, it’s no surprise I want to play in college. However, I have not always loved golf. I took a break for three years during my teenage years because I felt burned out. My love for the game came back when I was a freshman in high school and played for the team. I love having my team around whom I can look to for support and advice on and off the golf course. Another organization that made me fall in love with golf again is LPGA Girls Golf, because I love volunteering and seeing young girls reach their potential in a sport predominantly played by males.

Summer Jr. League, 2014.

Trying to play golf in college when you’re the first in your family to want to pursue a sport in college has not been easy. When my mom heard that I wanted to play golf at the college level she was thrilled, but we didn’t know where to start. This is where some of the roadblocks have been, researching schools and learning about their team requirements has been time-consuming. But we were glad we found a website that specifically helps students get a profile created and have better opportunities at getting recruited. We are now investing in this service as it does come with a price and putting the time to enhance my profile and attend webinars to hopefully be able to play golf at the collegiate level.

As a Latina golfer, I love to talk about my experiences playing golf. When I tell people I play golf, some don’t always believe me. Perhaps the unconscious bias that someone like me, a Latina girl, is not often someone associated with the sport?

I want to be an inspiration to other Latina girls to get out there and play or at least try the sport! We all can be part of the unconscious bias shift by playing and encouraging other girls to join the movement. In a way, it seems that as a Latina we often must work twice as hard to earn a place at the table.

I am forever grateful to my mother for the endless drives and hours spent taking me to practices, finding tutors to keep me academically engaged and my coaches who have helped me improve my game. I would not be here without my grandparents’ assistance caring for me in hopes to have a better college experience as a second-generation Latina.