Eggy’s Corner: Maya, the Therapeutic Yorkie

By Susana Gonzalez MHA, MSN, RN, CNML
Past-President – National Association of Hispanic Nurses-Illinois Board Member
National Association of Hispanic Nurses Board Member
American Nurses Association-Illinois

My name is MAYA, I am a two-year-old Yorkie rescue. I had a lovely owner but she had some surgeries and with a long recovery, she couldn’t take care of me anymore. She tried really hard to find me a home and I got lucky when she called two sisters that knew my mom Ellena and Titi Sussie and loved dogs. Two sisters who have rescued other doggies and didn’t mind rescuing and adopting me as well. So, I am excited to be a new member of this lovely family. My Titi Sussie says I am cute and a wild thing, however, they can’t help but love me.

I feel blessed to have two moms. They are sisters who work hard, love me, and take good care of me and the other rescues in the family. I am glad I am not an only-doggie.

My mom works in an office and most recently after a trip when she returned home she needed to self-quarantine somewhere else away from home.

It was my Titi Sussie who submitted my pictures as a supportive pet. As a LATINA Style magazine reader, when she saw the request for pets who heal and support their owners she sent my profile for consideration. I am what she calls a supportive and therapeutic dog. I woo her with my smiles and I snuggle really close.

Well, let me tell you how I am therapeutic and how I am her healer. I am just like my favorite Titi Sussie who is a Registered Nurse and she has been hard at work during the current COVID19 pandemic. I am present when Titi Sussie gets home but I am not allowed to be petted or touched. No hugging or kisses. We must wait while she bathes quickly. She takes all her clothes off, puts them in the basket and goes straight into the shower with lots of soap and water to scrub the germs off.

She does all this to keep us safe. Once she is clean from work duty, we are so happy to get lots of hugs, kisses and snuggle holds.

Normally when Titi Sussie returns home from work, she really needs her snuggles and loving stares from me to pet and massages me so she can be stress-free. That’s how I have become therapeutic for her. I help her feel good after a hard day at work. I like to give her my sweet little stare with my dressy wear and it makes her smile!

Titi Sussie works at a wonderful home care agency in Chicago and they take care of many elderly and disabled people in their homes. Her other nurse Diana is also seeing new patients with COVID19 sent home to recover. My Titi Sussie loves teaching the home care staff and making sure they are safe when they care for patients in their homes. Safety and proper personal protected wear is necessary during these unsafe and very challenging times.

These are truly hard times, especially for healthcare workers and many other first responders and frontlines workers. So, I am glad I am a healer. Call me MAYA the therapeutic doggie owner healer. That’s what you should call me.

So please stay at home, stay safe and sound, and snuggle with doggies like me. We are all in this together. Let’s help heal our world. This too shall pass.

Love, MAYA