Eggy’s Corner: Supporting Community Solutions

By Gloria Rodríguez, Founder and CEO, Comunicad, LLC

Napoleón Rodríguez, Chief Dog Officer (CDO) of Comunicad, LLC.

Hello everyone! My name is Napoleón Rodríguez, but everyone calls me Napo, the Chief Dog Officer (CDO) of Comunicad, LLC, my mom’s public relations company. I am 12 years old and a Cairn Terrier. I am a lover of fashion, seriously; I must be dressed every day. I also love swimming and, of course, spending time with my mom! I am very excited by this opportunity to introduce myself and share my thoughts with the readers of LATINA Style Magazine.

I have a variety of interests, but I especially like learning about conserving our environment for my fellow four-legged friends and our human families. Even if they only have two legs, us dogs and our (human) families share a lot of the same needs, especially when it comes to the environment. I am super excited about the growing number of public dog parks – they’re one of the fastest-growing amenities in the United States!

We’ve also recently seen more news regarding the growth of national parks in the past 10 years, and I for one can’t wait to see them. I love my walks every day and I can’t wait to visit new parks and make new friends along the way! There are other encouraging things happening too, from environmental efforts around the world to save our oceans to local legislations regarding recycling and keeping our own communities clean. (Mom says taking care of the environment is a bigger chore compared to when I (sometimes) help with yard work; either way, I’d like to inspect it myself.) I’m very excited to dig deeper into learning how to support change for cleaner communities and see where we go next!

As I mentioned earlier, I work with my mom as CDO. We specialize in programs that have societal impact; this means that we know a lot about social responsibility and giving back! I’m a big supporter of the Humane Society, and when I’m not busy at work, I enjoy visiting the children’s ward of local hospitals to bring smiles to kids’ faces. I love giving back and sharing tail wags wherever I go! Follow me on Facebook at @NapoTheCairnTerrier and learn more about what I have to say.