Eggy’s Corner: Thoughts With Tita

By Anali Cruz-Mendoza

Hola! I am Tita, a white and tan Chihuahua and I’m tiny! Only seven pounds, but my mom says it’s seven pounds of both beauty and sass. My name is unique because it comes from my mom’s favorite book, “Como Agua Para Chocolate,” where the main character is so strong-willed and cooks delicious Mexican foods. But depending on my mood, I have many names! Nita, Monita, baby Tita and Princess if I’m extra good at grandma’s house. My dog mom is a brown deer head Chihuahua named Lucy, and my dog dad is an all-white long-haired apple head Chihuahua named Desi: both named after tv stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Once in a while, I take a trip to visit them, and we share our favorite treats.

I went to live with my human mom when I was seven months old and my birthday is this summer. So I will be turning six years old this year! During the day, I love to sleep (mom says I’m the best napper), and the best places to nap are mom’s arms, pillowcases, the living room couch on my fluffy blanket, the hamper, and my bed next to the heater. I will always search for warmth and being next to the heater is the warmest place in our apartment. Sunbathing on the carpet is also my favorite! My mom Anali, now works from home, which is the best thing that’s happened to me since Caesar’s dog food and whipped cream. I love watching mom work in between naps on my fluff blanket, she says that I am the best supervisor!

Working from home is better for mom, as the clinic made her too tired and stressed. Working through a pandemic is not easy, and many days after her shift at the clinic mom was left in tears. I licked those tears! I am here for you, mom. Self-care Sundays is our favorite! Riding in the car, I love to look out the window, and I am small, but I can reach just enough to see outside. My ears flip-flop in the wind! And I take a long whiff of the city smells. When people see me they get so happy they smile. I am ready to go to the dog park even before mom opens the door! Crying and jumping with excitement, I love to run so quickly and in circles. My mom also loves to walk! It’s relaxing. After the park, we grab food, and my favorite things to eat are chicken, black beans, rice, peas, French fries, and hamburgers. I don’t always get human foods, but I sometimes sass my mom for a small bite!

Since I am so small, things are scary to me. I am afraid of flies, bigger dogs, the wind, heavy rain, the vacuum, the Swiffer, and elevators. My mom is always by my side, and I am always by hers, which makes life a lot more worthwhile because you have your best friend in it. I cannot wait for more car rides and fun next to my mom.

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