Happy Father’s Day

Here’s to Dads Everywhere.

Your dad has always been there for you, so we’re here to help you make this Father’s Day the best he’s ever had.

Check out the fatherly wisdom shared with us by a few of our readers.

“My grandfather, a Mexican American, worked four jobs to support his family. Even though my four daughters are growing up under different circumstances, I make sure they know Popo’s story – and how he taught me there’s no substitute for working hard. We come from a humble culture, so I want my girls to know that it’s also important to have confidence and advocate for themselves.”

– Dean Acosta, SVP and CCO, Lockheed Martin.

“One action that I take not just today but every day:  Support your daughter’s dreams and aspirations everyday!! I love being a #latinadad.  Whether it’s taking her to her favorite musical (Mamma Mia), or binge watching Harry Potter movies.  I supported her through two cheerleader tryouts (she made it both times).  I went to all her track meets in middle school and high school.  I helped her train for a Naval Academy fitness test (she passed).  I’m still supporting her in her pursuit of a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University and in her service in the Corps of Cadets at A&M.  And we still make time to get pedicures together.  This next generation of Latinas are amazing.  They just need us dads to be there when they need us.”

– Dan Villegas, Chief Lending Officer
Texas Mezzanine Fund, Inc.

Dan Villegas, Chief Lending Officer Texas Mezzanine Fund, Inc. with daughter Katherine Villegas.


“I am a fourth-generation employee at Ford Motor Company.  My family’s roots run deep in the Motor City, and I have exposed my daughters to different engineering professions (mother has degree in Civil Engineering too).  To encourage them to explore a STEM career path I have had them participate in multiple Take Your Child to Work Days, and even during times when we were not physically going into the office they still participated in the day with me in my home office.  Who knows, they could be 5th generation Ford employees we’re looking at!”

Andy  Gutierrez, S650 PD Launch Supervisor
Ford Motor Company

Andy Gutierrez, S650 PD Launch Supervisor , Ford Motor Company with two daughters Leanie (11) and Talya (7).