Get Moving!

By Eileen Suarez

Hi, my name is Lucas Suarez and I am Eggy’s favorite cousin! I am a 70 pound (lovable) labradoodle! With the energy of a lab and the good looks of a poodle, you and I know how important is it to stay in shape and look good! Just because summer is almost over, doesn’t’ mean you can’t keep working on that beach bod!

No matter what type of dog you are, daily exercise is important for your mental and physical health. Remember those puppy days when we would rip apart those fluffy toys, chew the couch and mom’s favorite shoes? We have so much energy! It is important to channel all that energy into positive things, like walks, running around with your friends at the park, and my favorite, playing fetch with mom!

Because I am a big boy, mom walks me at least four times a day. We stroll through the neighborhoods and see other friends that are walking by. Occasionally, I like to chase a squirrel or two. By the way, has anyone figured out how to catch those things? Anyways, my absolute favorite thing to do is go to the dog park. Mom and I play fetch and people watch. I think of myself as mom’s wingman. I like to give people bear hugs when I say hello and although mom gets mad when I do that, she has made friends because of my cuteness! So who is doing who the favor here?

Once a week mom takes me to doggy daycare. It is like a mini-vacation! I spend all day playing with my friends while mom spends her day working so that she can keep buying me all those yummy treats and spa services! Dogs need to be around other dogs too. That’s how we learn what to do and what not to do and how to play nice with others. If you don’t like to exercise by yourself, going to doggy daycare is another way to let all that energy out and workout with your friends.

Walks, trips to the park and doggy daycare are all ways to get some exercise and spend time with your human. The smart animal doctors say that just 30 minutes of a day of exercise can help you with your social skills and control those urges to turn your house into a tornado. So grab your leash, grab your human and get moving!

Lastly, a message to all the doggy parents out there: Remember that no matter how busy you are, what bad fashion choice you made today, got dumped, got a zit, or got fired, all we want is you. We love you unconditionally! So play with us, cuddle with us, exercise with us.