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Growing Visibility of Latinas Across our Economy “With Style”

By Solomon D. (“Sol”) Trujillo, Co-founder and Chairman of the Latino Donor Collaborative (LDC), and Co-founder of L’ATTITUDE

When LATINA Style was established featuring Latinas of beauty, fashion, and care, it had immediate importance because, until then, Latinas were rarely featured in any fashion or beauty publication. LATINA Style filled that void and introduced the role of Latinas in our society. It told the stories, introduced topics, and highlighted the cultural impact of Latinas for everyone to understand and enjoy. LATINA Style built a stage for Latinas in our country.

The awareness and perceptions of Latinas has since expanded, with other publications and media nationwide paying attention. The quality of LATINA Style, stylistically and journalistically, created that awareness, fostered competition for building audience interest in Latinas, and, in short, created important change in our culture.

My hope is that Latinas in our country become even more visible across all sectors of our economy and at all levels of business, entertainment, sports, and politics. Latinas are entrepreneurial, innovative, and determined. They reflect the values and attitudes that have proven to accompany success in achieving lifetime goals. Certainly, in terms of fashion and entertainment, with the help of LATINA Style, Latinas are driving a major portion of marketplace growth.

There is a new mainstream economy in America that is now highly dependent on Latinas for expansion, innovation, care, insight, wisdom — virtually everything required for the continued economic growth of our country.

 Solomon D. (“Sol”) Trujillo, recently named one of the 100 Most Influential Latinos in the world, is a global business executive.  Sol is the Co-founder and Chairman of the Latino Donor Collaborative (LDC), and Co-founder of L’ATTITUDE, a national New Mainstream Economy business event.  He is a global business executive who has uniquely served as CEO in three large market-cap global companies in the three different corridors of the world.  A respected opinion leader on technology, business, and the economy, he is frequently featured in leading publications such as TIME and Forbes and programs such as MSNBC and CNBC.