His View

 Creating An Equitable Culture to Match Dreams with Opportunities 

By Jimmy Etheredge, CEO – Accenture North America

Be bold. When it comes to creating workforces that embrace and encourage people from Hispanic American and Latinx communities, that’s exactly what a new report from Accenture and the Hispanic Technology Executive Council urges us to do. 

Our research predicts significant job growth opportunities for Hispanic American and Latinx professionals in emerging technologies, and I see that as a corporate call to action to create a culture of inclusion that attracts untapped talent. 

Crave unfiltered feedback 

In my mind, a good place to start is asking this: Do people in Hispanic American and Latinx communities feel at home in our businesses? 

One of our Accenture leaders, Yesenia Reyes, shared that breaking free from a “do what you’re told mindset” will help Hispanic American and Latinx professionals flourish. 

Honest insights about people’s experiences can also help identify inequities. 

So can showing up. 

At events and listening sessions for Accenture’s diverse communities, the conversations are sometimes uncomfortable, but always incredibly valuable. At our recent leadership summit, I heard from Sandra Chavez, from Peru, who shared the challenges she overcame to become an associate manager. She said she feels “empowered every single day.” 

By telling her story, Sandra created what I call a “see it, be it” moment. Her courage opened the door for others to walk through. 

Rethink everything 

Diversity doesn’t just play a role at Accenture, it is the play. 

One of the best decisions we made was in 2016 when we began publishing our workforce demographic data—allowing us to measure against our goals every year. Our last report, for example, shows we’re within a stone’s throw of meeting our aim of having 4.7% of our managing directors be Hispanic American and Latinx. Transparency keeps us rethinking everything—how we recruit, hire, skill and promote. We’re focusing more on hiring for skills, not degrees. Our “learn and earn” apprenticeship program creates mutual benefits and opportunities for both Accenture and our future talent. We set, and exceeded, our goal to fill 20% of U.S. entry-level roles from our apprenticeship program during fiscal year 2022. We’re constantly evolving programs to help us become who we want to be. 

Represent and reflect 

My mission is to make Accenture a place where everyone wants to work. 

When businesses show up and create cultures that invite people to reflect their authentic selves and heritages–people have exciting and equal opportunities to advance and thrive, regardless of ethnicity, background, gender, love, religion or disabilities. 

And when people feel they belong, it’s good for business. It unlocks innovation and growth and empowers people to drive positive change for their companies, clients and communities. 

Thank you, LATINA Style, for recognizing companies striving to do just that. It’s an honor to be included.