Jackie Gutierrez, Vice President-Community Manager, Chase Engaging the Underserved Community

By Gloria Romano-Barrera

Jackie Gutierrez, Vice President-Community Manager, JPMorgan Chase.

While the pandemic delayed many programs, the opportunity to build robust ones for a brighter future is more promising than ever. Jackie Gutierrez, vice president and community manager for community and business development at Chase, is an example of a Latina who works hard to achieve success. 

Based in Miami, Florida, Nicaraguan-born Gutierrez is responsible for engaging within the Little Havana community by providing financial health and education, and bringing better banking access and experiences to the community. Recently, on June 22nd Chase opened the Little Havana Community branch to help local consumers and businesses realize a better financial future through innovative tools, resources, and programming, including: 

•Growth support for local entrepreneurs starting or expanding their small business; 

•A community “living room” area displaying art by local artists and event space for use by partner non-profits; 

•Specialty financial health workshops hosted by experts for both individuals and groups; 

•And free use of the space, including Wi-Fi for community groups and residents for remote learning and work. 

The Chase Little Havana Community Center on Calle Ocho.

All Chase Community Center services and programming are open to customers and non-customers alike. However, the Community Center also offers traditional banking services. 

According to Gutierrez, structural barriers in the U.S. have created profound racial inequalities, made worse by the pandemic. Through the company’s $30 billion racial equity commitment, JPMorgan Chase is committed to helping close the racial wealth gap and driving economic inclusion by providing more opportunities for homeownership, access to affordable housing, entrepreneurship, and bolstering financial health. 

“When we build a branch, it lifts the whole community around it – contractors to build the branches, cafes, and other small businesses to support the customer traffic,” she shares. “It’s a ripple effect. For a Community Branch specifically, we have built a robust team of financial health specialists who are experts in things like establishing credit, how to save to buy a home, starting a small business, and more. The team there has already held numerous financial workshops with local groups, and they are inclusive in their programming to ensure they are reaching all audiences that need them.” 

With this position, Gutierrez has been able to integrate herself into the neighborhood where she was raised. Her parents brought her to the United States when she was six years old in hopes of a better future. 

The team at Chase’s Little Havana Community Center cut the ribbon at a recent grand opening event.

“I grew up in the Overtown and Little Havana communities in Miami and went to

college at the Miami Dade College Little Havana Campus – which is just down the street from the Community Branch where I now work,” she shares. “I see my story reflected in the clients I work with now – they came to this country to provide a better life for themselves and their children, and are willing to work hard and make sacrifices to achieve it.” 

Prior to her role as Community Manager, Gutierrez began her banking career as a teller 22 years ago with Washington Mutual. She graduated from The University of Arizona Global Campus and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Leadership. 

Her biggest accomplishment is the impact she has on people’s financial lives and the impact that will have on future generations of their families. Today she looks forward to bringing the community closer, including the people, businesses, and organizations within Little Havana. 

“Often times, people do not know all the resources that may be available to them, and I want to create a space within our Community Center where people can feel comfortable to ask questions, to learn, and to build relationships with us, and each other,” she shares. “I believe in what’s possible. I am proof of the opportunities available to the people of this country, including recent immigrants. I want to bring those opportunities closer for the people and businesses of Little Havana and help them achieve their goals and dreams.” 

Photos courtesy: JPMorgan Chase