Letters from the front!

My mother always told my siblings and I, “Trabaja duro para sobre salir en la vida” Work Hard so you can succeed in life. Julieta May, a single mother of 4, was born in Yucatan, Mexico. She immigrated to the United States at a very young age. She worked hard to become a citizen and provide her children with a better lifestyle than she had growing up.

My name is Melannie May, and I am an active-duty United States Marine. I enlisted in the Marine Corps August 2013 during my senior year of high school and attended recruit training in Paris Island, South Carolina August 2014. I never imagined that I would choose the military path but the decision of enlisting has forever changed my life. Everyone has a unique reason on why they take the challenge of serving in our nation’s armed forces and I hope my story can inspire for you to continue to achieve your goals.

I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps to help support my mother, my two younger siblings and attend college for free. Growing up, our family had to overcome adversity living in a low-income community. My mother didn’t have the monetary means to support me through college since she still had my younger siblings to provide for. When I was introduced to the Marine Corps I knew that they could help me achieve my own personal goals but also provide for my family and one day I would be able to give back to my mother for all the years she worked tirelessly and endlessly to make sure we had a great future.

My older brother graduated from Marine Corps Recruit Training in 2013 and seeing him march across the parade deck was inspiring and it solidified my decision of following in his footsteps. The decision to enlist in the Armed Forces changed my life and I am grateful for every opportunity it has offered me and my family. I have traveled to many countries throughout my career including South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Canada. Currently, I am stationed at the Pentagon in Washington DC.

I have, so far, accomplished many of the goals I set forth when I first enlisted. In 2020, I purchased my first home at the age of 22 which allowed me to provide for my family during the pandemic. This year I graduated from Pennsylvania State University with an Associates of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies and I am currently studying to receive my Bachelors in Organizational Leadership from Columbia Southern University. One of my dreams was to one day provide for my family and now my son will have the opportunity to attend college without worrying about how he is going to pay for his college education.

I am honored to continue representing the Latino and military community, and the opportunity to positively influence change within our forces.