LS50 – Why Bank of America

Bank of America has distinguished itself as a company that nurtures and empowers its employees. Its commitment to diversity and inclusion starts at the top with its Board of Directors, including a Latina Board member, Ms. Monica Lozano. Chairman & CEO Brian Moynihan continues to set the tone for uncompromising leadership and community involvement. The bank’s management team sets the Diversity & Inclusion goals of the company.

With a mission to help make financial lives better, Bank of America is passionately committed to serving its clients by delivering exceptional service, acting responsibly, realizing the power of their people and trusting their team. Diversity and inclusion are central to Bank of America’s values and we are proud to recognize Bank of America for their workplace practices and initiatives that promote inclusion, support women, employee retention, recognizes service members and veterans, and empower Latinas. We congratulate Bank of America for its continuing efforts to nurture, retain, empower and promote Latina talent among its ranks.