Supporting Veterans through Employee Resource Groups

With a mission to support and encourage each other through shared experiences, veteran recruitment, career development, outward engagement, professional growth, and retention. Veteran Employee Resource Groups play a key role in the career of any professional. LATINA Style recognizes companies that recruit, retain, and support veterans and their families. 

 “Wells Fargo has been supporting the military since the 1860’s when we transported troops and carried funds for pay,” shares Brian Armstrong | Marine Corps Veteran, Program Manager, Military Talent Delivery, Lead Business Execution Consultant, Military Talent Strategic Sourcing at Wells Fargo. “The military is part of our DNA; it is part of who we are as a company. Wells Fargo understands the duty to empowering military communities to effectively navigate life’s transitions to achieve ongoing career and financial success while impacting their community.” 

Throughout the years, Wells Fargo has supported military service members and veterans through initiatives to hire and retain veterans, foundation donations, financial health resources, and event sponsorship. These initiatives were established as senior leaders recognized the opportunity military veterans bring to the organization and also the diversity to represent the communities it serves. 

“With a culture very similar to the Armed Forces—structured, team-oriented, collaborative, and challenging—Wells Fargo is committed to hiring military veterans, members of the National Guard and Reserves, and military spouses to join our team,” he shares. “Wells Fargo has tremendous respect for the veteran and military communities we serve, and we recognize the valuable contributions of dedicated, extraordinarily skilled, natural leaders, and team builders veterans and military spouses bring to the workplace.” 

Wells Fargo has dedicated programs designed to attract veterans and military spouses through efforts such as up skilling/re-skilling opportunities, apprenticeship programs, employee resource networks, training, and development. All of these are aimed to empower veterans and military spouses as they search for meaningful careers. Additionally, the dedicated team of Military Talent Liaisons focuses exclusively on recruiting future employees with a military background as well as coaching and advocating for candidates on their career journey, such as developing a transition strategy, crafting a compelling resume, and conducting skills gap analysis. 

 “Our military recruitment team is dedicated to helping veterans explore the many ways military experience can be put to work here at Wells Fargo,” she shares. “With more than 9,000 veterans hired here since 2018, we provide a space for camaraderie of thousands of fellow veterans on a shared mission – helping our customers achieve their financial goals. 

Wells Fargo recognizes the value transferrable skills bring to the organization. Wells Fargo offers the best technology available to help align experience and knowledge with current job opportunities via the Veteran Talent Community. In addition, Wells Fargo hosts monthly webcasts, “Operation Stagecoach” to learn about career opportunities for veterans and tips on how to be a successful applicant. 

Wells Fargo’s Veterans Connection Employee Resource Networks is comprised of 41 chapters and more than 9,500 members. The ERG supports Veteran employees and educates Wells Fargo employees on the value of the Veteran through greater Veteran awareness, membership networking, partnership with other Employee Resource Networks, community outreach, and support of Veteran hiring efforts. 

Launched in Spring 2022, the Homefront Heroes Military Spouse Hiring Program is designed to attract and direct hire active-duty military spouses into mid to high-level remote career opportunities. Wells Fargo committed to hiring 500 military spouses over five years into remote, in-person and hybrid roles. The inaugural hiring class started on September 12, 2022. The next round of opportunities will be open in February 2023. 

“Wells Fargo is committed to empowering military communities to effectively navigate life’s transitions to achieve ongoing career and financial success while impacting their community,” he shares. “This goes beyond our work to help veterans transition into civilian service but supports the communities in which we serve.” 

“Service is our strength,” shares Greg Anderson, Chief Operating Officer for Accenture Human Resources and Executive Sponsor of the North America Military Employee Resource Group. “At Accenture, we know the military community brings invaluable experiences to teams everywhere. And we’re proud to share that over 4,300 veterans, service members and military spouses have chosen Accenture LLP and Accenture Federal Services to leverage the operational and leadership experiences they’ve gained in military service to solve complex problems for our corporate and federal government clients.”

Accenture is proud to invest in nationwide initiatives and partnerships to support veterans beginning the next chapters of their lives with the resources and training they need to thrive in new careers.

As a flagship member of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs program, Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses (VET TEC) Consortium, Accenture is helping create pathways to technology career fields for veterans. Accenture provides direct employment opportunities, internships and externships for VET TEC graduates and students through its apprenticeship program and fostering a network of employers and training providers for graduates to leverage at all stages of their careers.

The Junior Military Officer Development program at Accenture provides another pipeline for veterans to careers in consulting and technology at the company, along with specialized training and mentorship designed to position them for success at the company.

“From establishing a dedicated military hiring team to creating an internal Military Employee Resource Group with chapters across 31 office locations, we offer a military-friendly culture at Accenture that reinforces retention and provide military-connected assistance,” shares Anderson. “For our Accenture people who are members of the National Guard and Reserve, our dedicated team of Military Leave of Absence coordinators helps provide seamless accommodation of communications, employee benefits, military leave and more so that all employees who are called for military duty continue to have uninterrupted benefits.”

Since 2019, the Military ERG has helped veterans better acclimate to Accenture and transition from military culture through the Veteran Integration Program, where new joiners are paired with more seasoned veterans at Accenture who can guide them through the company.

“Our Military ERG now meets in the metaverse through a recently launched virtual world called the “Hall of Heroes,” he shares. “The virtual environment brings Military ERG members together to meet, collaborate and network and features “Walls of Honor” to share veteran stories, highlighting the service and sacrifices of our Accenture people.”

SAIC and its Military/Veteran Employee Resource Group (MVERG) continue to support and launch multiple initiatives in support of the Veteran community. To date, one of SAIC’s most significant initiatives has been the partnership launched almost 10 years ago with Building Homes for Heroes – a nonprofit organization that provides mortgage free homes to injured service members.

“SAIC, a company with more than 26,000 employees, 25 percent of which have served or are actively serving in the military,” shares Stefanie Wall-Keckler, Core Creative Studio Manager, National Intelligence Business Unit, USG Mission & IT for SAIC. “This number doesn’t represent the many others that represent the spouses and family members of our veteran community. Given that we have such a large representation of military service, and the fact that we provide services to the Federal Government, it’s a natural fit for us to honor – serve – and support Veteran efforts across the country.”

For SAIC, supporting veterans within the company and in local communities helps create a sense of belonging, a common mission where everyone comes together to support a meaningful cause. This common bond creates a culture that connects employees to each other and back to the company, which ultimately aids in retention. Supporting military transition initiatives allows SAIC employees to connect with new people, helping them understand the world of Federal Contracting and corporate life. A byproduct of these efforts is the ability to attract and hire.

SAIC offers many resources to veterans as part of their employee benefit packages. SAIC also offers leave programs specific to military service. Through SAIC’s Military/Veteran Employee Resource group, veterans can connect with representatives from the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) offices and other organizations available to support military and veteran issues.

In 2023, SAIC’s Military/Veteran Employee Resource Group is launching an initiative to raise over $250,000 for various military charities around the country as part of the Give-Back Campaign. Other initiatives will include developing partnerships with military transition programs, the creation of a “Battle Buddy” program to support new hires joining the company right out of the military, and launching awareness campaigns and discussions around challenging topics affecting the military community (i.e. PTSD, Suicide Awareness, etc.).

“SAIC’s long history of supporting our nation’s veterans has been recognized this year on the Forbes list of America’s Best Employers for Veterans,” she shares. “Our veterans, who are truly an example of strength, dedication and honor, continue to inspire us. We rely on their knowledge and perspectives to deliver relevant emerging technologies, solutions, and services. They are truly advancing the power of technology and innovation to serve and protect our country!”