Top 15 Employee Resource Groups of the Year, 2022

Honoring the outstanding contributions and achievements of ERGs, LATINA Style, Inc is proud to present the best ERGs in the country. Launched in 2010, the ERGs listed here (in no specific order) have successfully made an impact both internally and externally, improving the company’s overall business.


Accenture’s Hispanic American Employee Resource Group (HAERG) strives to provide an inclusive and empowering space that develops bold leaders, lifts members as they climb and amplifies their voices within Accenture and its communities. 

HAERG was founded in 1996 as the Hispanic American Interest Group at Accenture North America. Today, HAERG has approximately 4,200 members and HAERG membership extends across 31 chapters in the U.S., including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. HAERG is open to a diverse set of individuals and welcomes Accenture people of all areas in our business and across various social economic backgrounds, education levels, religious beliefs, ages and racial ethnicities. 

Community is one of the three main pillars on which the HAERG is founded. At a national level, HAERG members participate in conferences with organizations including the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA), the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), Hispanic IT Executive Council (HITEC), the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR), L’ATTITUDE and Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE). 

HAERG remains committed to developing spaces where people can bring their best selves to work every day and remain authentic to who they are. HAERG helps to attract, develop, retain and advance Hispanic Americans and Latinx both nationally and locally. Throughout the year, HAERG members have continued opportunities to participate in professional development, cultural events and celebrations of communities – pairing members with executives and leaders who care about mentoring and encouraging growth opportunities. 

Latin Diversity Network (LDN) 

American Airlines’ Latin Diversity Network (LDN) Employee Business Resource Group was founded in 1997. LDN started as a small group of Latin/Hispanic employees at headquarters who looked to help its Spanish-speaking passengers with their customer services request. This successful experience along with the implementation of the Employee Business Resource Groups led to create a formal group that in 2022 is celebrating its 25th Anniversary. 

LDN promotes an environment that facilitates the hiring, professional development, leadership and promotional opportunities of Latin employees while enhancing American Airlines’ global competitiveness and its image in the Latin community. 

LDN focuses on fostering and promoting values, cultural elements, professional development, education of its members, and is also committed with DEI. 

LDN encourages its members to succeed. As a global company working to be the greatest airline in the world, American Airlines strives to develop the ability to detect customer and employee needs, improve policies and procedures, create strong impact in people lives through community service, loyalty and a remarkable customer experience. 



AT&T’s Hispanic/Latino Employee Group, HACEMOS, fosters an environment in which colleagues support and encourage each other to succeed professionally, personally, and in the community through networking, volunteering, and social activities. HACEMOS focuses on education by providing scholarships and professional development opportunities to its members and community it serves. 

Established in 1988, HACEMOS has more than 8,000 members and 35 chapters nationwide. HACEMOS offers professional development programs, one of which is the Emerging Latina Leadership Program (ELLP). ELLP is a six-month program designed to empower mid-level managers with the intent to broaden and deepen their capabilities through a specialized curriculum. During 2021, 40 percent of the 25 participants were promoted or applied and received roles in segments previously perceived as unattainable. 

The HACEMOS Scholarship program awarded $278,500 in 2022 and has delivered over $4M since its inception. The scholarship targets Hispanic students in the cities where HACEMOS chapters operate. HACEMOS also partnered with Western Governors University to create a $15,000 scholarship for its members in conjunction to other benefits. 

HACEMOS brings value through perspective and ideas to all organizations within AT&T. Its members are diverse and bring a wide range of expertise in culture and the needs of the Hispanic community. HACEMOS proactively proposes and encourages leadership to adopt new strategies to help the corporation meet their cultural transformation goals. 

Hispanic/Latino Organization for Leadership & Advancement (HOLA) 

Bank of America’s Hispanic Employee Resource Group, HOLA, is committed to making Bank of America the best place for Hispanic-Latino employees to work and grow professionally by inspiring and fostering an inclusive environment for all employees in support of the bank’s purpose and strategy. 

Established in 2003, with more than 21,000 members in 21 states across the nation and a virtual chapter, HOLA is proud to have broad representation across all lines of business and levels of the company, including mid-to-upper senior management, and our over 280 Senior Hispanic-Latino Leaders. 

HOLA strives to make a positive impact to Bank of America’s Business Strategy while strengthening the company brand through community engagement. In recent years, HOLA has been asked to participate in listening sessions and focus groups for the sole purpose of capturing feedback from members on what the community believes are the important initiatives and critical needs areas impacting Hispanic-Latinos. This feedback loop was catalogued for key themes and reviewed by senior leadership and the Hispanic-Latino Executive Council membership. 


Hispanics Organized to Leverage our Advantage (HOLA) 

Founded in 2007, CBRE’s Hispanics Organized to Leverage our Advantage (HOLA) Employee Business Resource Group (EBRG) supports the company’s efforts to recruit, develop and retain Hispanic and Latin professionals. HOLA provides networking, professional development, mentoring, and leadership opportunities for employees at all career levels while embracing the company’s shared passion for diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). 

With a membership of 1,107 across 40 states and 106 members in 14 countries outside of the U.S., CBRE’s collaborative and entrepreneurial foundation fosters growth for individual members of HOLA to develop and become world-class leaders. HOLA also seeks opportunities to engage and give back to the Hispanic community in both business and philanthropic endeavors. 

HOLA also plays a major role within CBRE when it comes to the company’s DE&I strategy. HOLA’s volunteer leaders are often included in focus groups and decision-making that impact the company’s decisions around external partnerships and internal DE&I programs. 

CBRE’s EBRGs are voluntary, employee-led groups that create safe, supportive spaces for employees who share a common identity and provide value to the business through enhanced recruiting, professional development, retention, and leadership. 

Fannie Mae 

Established more than 20 years ago, Fannie Mae’s Hispanic ERG has more than 300 members in five states. Today, the Hispanic ERG seeks to increase cultural awareness within the organization and to provide members with professional development opportunities. The Hispanic ERG also fosters business partnerships to impact minority homeownership, employee recruitment and retention. Through its various partnerships, the Hispanic ERG furthers the company’s volunteerism efforts and presence in the Hispanic community. 

The Hispanic ERG is one of Fannie Mae’s 11 ERGs. The Hispanic ERG is effective in raising the awareness and highlighting the diversity of Hispanic culture to Fannie Mae’s employees. Through their programming and internal partnerships, they have played an important role in supporting cultural fluency and, more recently, their efforts with Talent Acquisition have helped boost the ERG’s visibility through Fannie Mae’s brand ambassador campaign and Fannie Mae’s “In the House” recruiting campaign, which featured an ERG member. Additionally, the ERG membership receives opportunities for career development through participation in external partner events/activities and other opportunities that further benefit the company. Lastly, the Hispanic ERG seeks to have leaders share their experiences and serve as mentors. 

Ford Motor Company 

Ford Hispanic & Latino Network (FHLN) 

Established in 1992, Ford Motor Company’s Employee Resource Group Ford (ERG) Hispanic & Latino Network (FHLN) has hundreds of active members around the world including in U.S. chapters across several states.

As Ford’s trusted go-to resource for Hispanic and Latino matters, FHLN drives efforts to attract, develop and retain talent at Ford. This ERG is committed to enriching the experience of all employees by embracing and infusing Latino culture at Ford Motor Company, and investing in the communities it serves through volunteer service and educational outreach. With a mission to advance Ford’s business objectives by leveraging cultural intelligence as a competitive advantage, FHLN promotes a sustainable talent pipeline for Ford by nurturing community and educational relationships and promoting a culture of belonging that enables diverse talent, and in particular Latino and Hispanic team members, to develop to their full potential, advancing representation through all organizations and leadership levels of the company.

FHLN provides its members a community within a community and an impactful voice that makes a difference. Most importantly, FHLN provides its members an empowering, supportive and positive environment to take on new projects and initiatives that they feel will make a difference, at Ford and beyond.


JPMorgan Chase & Co. 


 With a mission is to foster an environment of diversity by empowering Hispanic and Latino employees to identify and pursue opportunities for career development and community involvement while promoting retention, JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s (JPMC) Hispanic Business Resource Group, Adelante, was established in the mid 2000s and consists of 26,000 members worldwide located in 37 U.S. states and five other global locations. 

Adelante’s Vision is to play a key role in making JPMC the workplace and brand of choice for Hispanic and Latino employees and customers. Adelante provides tailored professional development opportunities based on line of business (LOB), function, skill opportunities and career goals. Adelante helps its members to gain increased understanding of JPMC LOBs, while developing Hispanic talent firmwide, actively participating in recruiting fairs to bring Hispanic talent into the firm and promoting volunteer and community engagement efforts. 

Adelante’s mission and events are strategically aligned with the firm’s business goals and its talent and diversity strategy and priorities. All of Adelante’s activities align around four pillars: Career, Culture, Community, and Commerce. Adelante’s pillars in turn align with the firm’s business principles of exceptional client service, operational excellence, a commitment to integrity, fairness and responsibility and a great team and winning culture. 

Merck & Co., Inc. 

ALIANZA was formed as a grassroots organization of the Hispanic/Latino Business Insights RoundTable in 1975. Operating in numerous locations across the U.S. and globally, ALIANZA is comprised of 1,400 registered members and places emphasis on inclusion. ALIANZA also provides a forum where employees can enhance their personal and professional development as well as offer a rich option of cultural and social activities. ALIANZA’s key priorities are career development, corporate responsibility, and business insight collaborations. 

ALIANZA is interested in the development and active participation in initiatives influenced by the insights that the community brings to the table. ALIANZA also continues to partner with the Clinical Trials team to enhance the understanding and importance of diversity in clinical trials. 

Leadership roles in ALIANZA (and all EBRGs) are part of the professional and talent development programs of the company. Leadership roles are excellent opportunities to develop and hone management skills; they also contribute to increase the network of the candidate and helps to interact in a purposeful manner with different constituencies and be exposed to all levels of management. 

The leadership of ALIANZA commands commitment and dedication but offers unique opportunities to serve the community. 

The ALIANZA leadership in turn has created environments where members and leaders have the right support to be successful and where they can be instrumental in the progress towards important objectives. 


National Latino Alliance 

Established in 2006, Nationwide’s Employee Resource Group (ERG), National Latino Alliance has grown to a community of over 650 members. NLA’s objectives are aligned with these strategic pillars: Workplace – Foster member engagement and collaboration; Workforce – Nurture professional development; Marketplace – Drive community engagement and impact; and Business Impact – Deliver business value. 

Leaders of NLA partner closely with executive leadership to inform business unit strategies and offer cultural education and awareness to the company. NLA provides its members opportunities to network, develop interpersonally and professionally, volunteer in their communities and participate in corporate functions and external events. The ERG also serves as a hub for welcoming and onboarding new Hispanic and Latino associates. 

NLA’s emerging leader mentoring program continues to grow and has proven extremely successful, yielding mentors and mentees with development exposure and career progression, while providing junior associates with access to senior leaders. 

Nationwide’s foundational core value has always been “We value people” and this value is deeply embedded in NLA’s mission and purpose; “to attract, develop, promote and retain Hispanic and Latino talent while fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity of thought to help drive business outcomes”. 

Pratt & Whitney 


The RTX Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Advancement (RTX HOLA) is a self-empowered, internal team organized to champion, promote, and sponsor Hispanic and Latino talent across Raytheon Technologies. RTX HOLA is the product of a merger between Raytheon and United Technologies, and represents the Hispanic population across RTX, including its four Business Units: Collins Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon Intelligence and Space, and Raytheon Missiles and Defense. 

While RTX HOLA was officially started in 2022, it has chapters and presence established more than 20 years ago. With this transition to RTX HOLA, the power of together is truly demonstrated, combining the depth, experience, and passion of more than 2500 active members across the organization. RTX HOLA aims to provide a safe space to strengthen the bonds of the Hispanic and Latinx community within RTX and the places where we work and live as well as work with the RTX organization engage, develop, and retain Hispanic talent. RTX HOLA has long emphasized the importance mentorship plays in the advancement of Latinx talent. This year, RTX HOLA is working with the RTX DE&I office at all the Business Units to create an RTX HOLA Mentorship program, aimed at developing a diverse leadership pipeline. To achieve this goal, the mentorship program matches Latinx leaders at each Business Unit with Latinx talent to foster personal and professional relationships while providing mentorship and guidance.

Southern California Gas Company 

Gas Employees Network Toward Empowerment (GENTE) 

The Gas Employees Network Toward Empowerment (GENTE) Employee Resource Group (ERG) at Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) was established on August 24, 2021. 

With over 300 members in California, the mission of GENTE is to carry out company values of championing people by fostering a respectful, equitable, and inclusive workplace. GENTE aims to promote understanding and awareness of Hispanic/Latino culture, and facilitate member and ally participation in networking, community engagement, and mentorship opportunities. 

As part of the company’s Equity Action Plan, SoCalGas launched an ERG pilot in 2021 to accelerate progress on the Company’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy. The launch of GENTE during the COVID-19 pandemic has had a positive impact on workplace culture and has enhanced employee connections and peer support. GENTE has created cultural, developmental, mentorship, networking, and community engagement opportunities for its members, which embody SoCalGas’ three lived values: do the right thing, champion people, and shape the future. 

GENTE exemplifies SoCalGas’ commitment to improving the quality of life in the communities they serve with a special focus on the Hispanic/Latino community. SoCalGas empowers GENTE members to share their ideas and take action to enhance and continually improve upon the Company’s business practices, including how to better serve the surrounding Latino and Hispanic community and respond to their unique needs and circumstances. This is crucial as nearly half of SoCalGas’ workforce identifies as Hispanic/Latino and a significant portion of SoCalGas’ 21.8 million consumers residing in its service territory identify as Latino or Hispanic. 

State Street Corporation 

Latin American Professionals Group 

 The Latin American Professionals Group (LAPG) aims to develop, empower, inspire and build on the professional capacity of our members by providing programs and initiatives that create experienced leaders, establish partnerships, promote community projects and participate in shared social issues through volunteering opportunities. Established in 2006 with more than 500 members across the Americas and EMEA. 

The LAPG follows the 4Cs model (4C operating model with a mission to embrace Culture, enable Career development, engage in Community and Commerce) and the Diversity Impact Model™. The group is a two-time winner of the Top 25 Diversity Impact Awards by Talent Dimensions and the Global ERG Network. The LAPG focuses on nine impact areas that focus on the individual, the company and the community. Via its Professional Development committee, the LAPG provides development opportunities to its members, such as leadership training and executive programs. The Commerce committee focuses on supporting strategic initiatives for our various businesses. The Talent Acquisition committee is an essential partner to hiring managers and support their diverse talent sourcing efforts. The Volunteerism & Outreach committee is our philanthropic arm and focuses on creating external partnership and volunteering opportunities to support the local Hispanic/Latinx community. Via the Culture and Communication committee the LAPG drives member engagement while promoting the Hispanic/Latinx culture at State Street, overall company culture, and supporting inclusion and belonging efforts. 

Union Pacific Railroad 

Latino Employee Network (LEN) 

 Established in 2005, Union Pacific Railroad’s Employee Resource Group, Latino Employee Network (LEN) has a three-tiered mission focused on recruiting, retaining and developing Latino employees to help them achieve personal and professional success. LEN engages Union Pacific’s Senior Leadership on strategies to raise awareness of issues affecting the Latino community, utilize the potential of its members and help integrate Latino employees within Union Pacific’s culture. 

LEN is highly engaged in supporting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts through education, awareness, and by fulfilling its mission with employees and communities served. With 1473 members located in 23 states across the country, LEN offers various opportunities for its members to build relationships and develop skills in decision-making, communication and project management. LEN also supports members’ community engagement, reinforcing Union Pacific’s commitment to give back to the local communities in which Union Pacific employees live and work. They also provide leadership roles and skill-building outside of employees’ daily work roles. 

LEN is committed to serving the community. The Union Pacific Latino Employee Network (LEN) Scholarship Program is available to high school seniors and undergraduate students in their first four years of college who are committed to furthering their education. 


Wells Fargo 

Hispanic & Latino Connection 

 With a mission to empower and develop Latino leaders at Wells Fargo, educate employees on Hispanic marketplace opportunities, and build our reputation as one of the world’s great companies among our Hispanic communities, Wells Fargo’s Employee Resource Group, Hispanic & Latino Connection was established in 2009 and consists of 12,600 active members in 48 local chapters across the United States and a virtual chapter. 

Building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive culture where all employees feel valued and respected for who they are and their unique skills and experiences is essential to Wells Fargo. Latinos are the largest minority at Wells Fargo, accounting for 17% of the total employee population. Additionally, for almost 170 years, Wells Fargo has had the honor of helping generations of Latino families grow and is committed to seeing the Hispanic community continue to achieve financial prosperity. 

One of the three strategic priorities for the Hispanic & Latino Connection ERN is focused on Workforce Outcomes in an effort to empower the next generation of Wells Fargo Hispanic inclusive leaders. Members have the opportunity to join national initiatives and are connected with resources, tools, education, and support that provide experiences for self-development and professional growth. Hispanic & Latino Connection acts as a channel to help our members expand their network by connecting them to other lines of business and encouraging them to participate as mentors and mentees in our enterprise mentorship program.

Distinguished Honorees 

Barilla America 


Established in 2016, Alleanza currently has 37 members and is guided by the mission to promote diversity at Barilla America and contribute to an inclusive culture for all employees. Alleanza’s goals include supporting Latinx and Black employees so team members can bring their full identities to work; cultivating opportunities for all employees to engage in deep conversations about how Latinx and Black experience “otherness” in ways that may not be obvious to everyone; providing insight and support to HR’s diverse recruiting strategy and execution; and engaging in community outreach to positively impact local minority communities, like supporting the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE). Currently made up of 67 percent women and 33 percent men, ERG members range from executives to hourly employees, including the whole spectrum of the Barilla employee base. 



ADELANTE con DISH, a Hispanic/Latinx employee resource group, was founded on September 1, 2020. It currently has 567 active members in the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. 

ADELANTE’s vision is to be the conduit for the advancement of its members in the workplace while sharing and embracing the Hispanic/Latinx culture. Its mission is to help all DISH employees realize their full potential, reach beyond their assignments and be assets in their communities. This is done through We do this through our four Key Initiatives: Professional Development; Career Management; Networking; and Community Engagement. 

ADELANTE has received the 2022 Prospanica, the Association of Hispanic MBAs and Business Professionals, Brillante Hispanic/Latinx ERG of the Year Award for executing 36 virtual and in-person events with an average of 145 in attendance in one year. 

MetLife Legal Plans 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council

The MetLife Legal Plans Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Council provides support, encouragement, and resources so employees have a safe space to voice opinions and learn about other cultures and backgrounds. 

The ERG creates opportunities to engage in conversation and coordinate activities for social and personal growth. Its programs provide insight and support regarding mindfulness, work-life balance, social stigmas, and encourage team building through community outreach and volunteer efforts. The ERG is also devoted to the recruiting of diverse employees and partner with human resources to ensure that the staff reflects the diversity of the customers it serve. 

Its DE&I Council consists of a 16-person team. The Council creates focused programing for the entire MetLife Legal Plans organization which consists of over 220 employees. MetLife Legal Plans—an affiliate company of MetLife Inc.—is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio with employees across the United States. MetLife Legal Plans is the nation’s largest provider of group legal plans, serving over 5,000 employer organizations including over 220 of the Fortune® 500. MetLife Legal Plans focuses on making legal services affordable and accessible for working Americans. MetLife Legal Plans provides protection at every step to nearly five million Americans nationwide. 


M&T Bank 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council

With a mission to connect with the Latino community within its local markets, M&T Bank’s ERG Hola strives to build and sustain a welcoming workplace for everyone, regardless of ethnicity and race through education, networking, and collaboration. Hola creates a forum for the personal and professional empowerment of M&T Bank’s Hispanic/Latinos, which is aligned with M&T’s Brand Promise. Established in 2017 with more than 820 members in 13 states, the business values are woven into each chapter’s vision statement. Monthly meetings ensure its efforts are aligned with bank efforts and community needs. 

Hola’s members are called in to provide advice on talent initiatives amongst others. Data is sourced internally and externally to support new developments such as the multicultural banking strategy which resulted in bilingual employees in the Hispanic communities.

Northern Trust 

With a mission to help create opportunities at all career levels for its 576 members in 12 states across the country, Northern Trust’s Business Resource Council (Employee Resource Group), Latin Heritage Leadership Council (LHLC) promotes and develops leaders among its Latin Heritage partners and those with interest in Latin heritage. Established in 2006, LHLC represents a variety of cultures, raises awareness and facilitates training and development opportunities through workshops, networking, community events and mentoring programs. LHLC focuses on having a presence in Hispanic communities by creating creates awareness to establish and build new relationships while promoting and advocating the Northern Trust brand. 

LHLC keeps the core business values intact by utilizing a well-defined framework which is intended to align with the company’s DE&I corporate strategic plans. The guiding force is the corporate priorities as outlined by the CEO and redefined by DE&I to support BRC execution.